Chapter six; the partayyyy

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Conors point of view;

What a day..I mean, I've got her back and I'm going to marry her...she's so beautiful, look at her. How have I become this lucky? I want her to come away with me, on tours, interviews...the fans can hate all they like, she's my one and only. But what am I going to tell jack?...

*ellies phone rings*

"hello? Aw dais! You feeling better?" Ellie said happily to hear her best friends voice again.

I couldn't hear what daisy was saying, so I just carried on focusing on the road. Then I felt Ellie tug my arm...she whispered "can I tell her?" I replied with a simple "it's up to you baby.." and put my hand on her cheek and kissed her...

"I gotta go dais, I'm at the party now, love you! Mwah" Ellie rushed as she noticed we were pulling up.

I asked why didn't she tell daisy, she said she just didn't feel ready, which I was fine with..

We walked into the party holding hands, everyone started whilstling at us..I could tell my baby was blushing so I took her into the v.i.p bar.


Ellie's point of view;

Oh my gosh, this place is massive I thoughted to myself. Tonight's going to be amazing, I looked beside me and Conor had gone. My heart dropped..I looked behind me and he was talking to his mate, the DJ. I smiled at him, he blew me a kiss..

Then before I knew it, mine and Conor's favourite song came on, 'take care' by drake...Conor walked up to me and put his hand out, I held onto his hand as he led me to the dance floor, everyone else was sitting down or up at the bar, so we had the dance floor, to ourselves.

He put his hands around my waist, slight moving then lower down, so they were touching my bum, I looked up at him and bit my lip, he squeezed my bum. I draped my arms around his firm neck. Whenever he looked me in the eyes, it's like he controls me...

We began to dance, people were cheering us, I thought it was time to let everyone know, so I whispered too Conor, he agreed, it felt so right. We bent down for a long, hard passionate kiss."here goes" he said to me.

"guys, me and el want to tell you something...we're engaged!!!" Conor shouted out to everyone. Everyone started to celebrate, hardcore, apart from jack.

"baby, I'm gonna go and check on jack, I think I know whats wrong with you beautiful" I said to Conor slowly, unwanting to let go of his hand. "okay miss Maynard, I love you more.." Conor said back, I know he kows what's going on.

*el try's finding jack*

"argh, for fuck sake!!" I heard jack shouting and punching walls. I went into his room without permission, he was on he floor in the corner. This was killing me seeing him like this but I love Conor.

"look,for what it's worth,I'm sorry, jack your my best friend..I love you and care for you, but I want to be with Conor, and I'm getting married to him, you probably won't want to come, but your place is always there.." I said trying to reassure him.

He ignored me so I began to get up and walk off, he grabbed the back of my dress pulling me back towards him, "thank you bestie..." he said, smiling at me, I nodded and walk to meet Conor.

I was feeling a little ill through out the night so we went an it early, I stopped the night at Conor's.

Laying in bed with him was the best feeling ever, laying my head on his chest, just above his six pack...phoar..he gave the best hugs ever...

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