A Summer With You

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              Dear Diary,

 Today's the last day of school and I'm SO excited because I love summer I can go to the pool with my boyfriend Deven, and I get to spend everyday with Deven.  I'm so excited to spend everyday with him, well I have to go to school now I'll write when I get home.


                                      Chapter 1.

I walked into the classroom, all I could hear was voices of people talking, I walked in and sat down everyone was staring at me but I don't know why.  I was waiting for the teacher to say something I waited, and waited.  Finally 20 minutes later  Mrs. Miller said " Class please go empty out your lockers and throw away the garabage or anything you don't want in the trash."  I walked out into the hallway by my self well all the other girls were standing so close to there friend's that you couldn't even see a crack between them.  I looked down the hallway to see if I could see Emily or Deven nobody was down the hallway.  Suddenly I hear a noise... I looked down the hallway here comes Deven he runs to me and says " I'm sorry I was late babe I missed the bus!"   He went and started talking to Mrs. Miller and told her the reason why he was late.  She just knodded and looked like she didn't even care.  Soon I said " Have you seen Emily? Where is she?"  "I don't know." He anwsered. 

    Finally it was 3:00 it was finally summer, and  I couldn't wait to get away from these rude, annoying teachers and spend the summer with my boyfriend, Deven.

                                          Dear Diary, 

Finally it's summer and I can't wait to spend the summer with Deven.  He told me that this is going to be another great summer for him because it's with me.  He's just such a sweetheart he makes me so happy.  He bought me a flower yesterday, he put it in my hair and said " Wow your so beautiful, I love you. "  He smiled.   I said it back to him.  But then he wasn't in such a good mood anymore, because his dad called him and yelled at him.  He told me that we were going to be together a lot this summer, and I really liked that idea.  Well I have to go wash the dishes now before my parent's get home.


                                    Chapter 2.

        I roll over and think " YES! I don't have to wake up early for school. "   All of a sudden  I hear something I put on some clothes that aren't my pajama's I look out the window, Deven's at the door I ran downstairs and opened the door he said,  " I have some news for you, I'm so sorry. " 

My heart started racing like I just got done running the mile, I nodded and said " Yes what is it?" He said " I won't be in WoodLake for 2 weeks, then we can hang out. "   "Oh, well hey at least we actually get to hang out and it's only 2 weeks not the whole summer. " I said.   " Yeah you're right, but I don't think I can go 2 weeks without seeing you."  He came in my house and we talked for about 3 hours then his phone rang, he had to leave.  He anwsered his phone and talked for about 5 minutes then he said I have to go now, he gave me a tight, long hug and kissed my cheek and said " I'll be back in 2 weeks don't find anyone else okay? " I said "Okay you don't find any girls prettier than me that you like, okay? "  "Nobody is prettier than you. " He gave me another hug then he left.  

                                          Chapter 3.

Later that night I laid there thinking, I hope he doesn't find a new girlfriend, I hope he doesn't look at any girls.  I texted him "Hey!"  He never anwsered.  I thought he probably already found a new girlfriend, maybe he's cheating on me?   About 3 hours later Emily came over.  I told her the whole story about Deven and everything, and she said he won't cheat on me, and he only loves me and he will be back soon and everything will be back to normal, and we'll spend the summer together like he promised me.  Later  on Emily spent the night we were playing wii, and all of a sudden I hear my phone ring upstairs, I raced as fast as i could to go get it.. I grabbed it I had a missed call from Deven.   I called back and he didn't anwser an hour later he called me again, I anwsered he said " Hey babe. " we talked on the phone for about 2-3 hours,  he said to me have you found any guys there? I said "no, you're the only one for me. "    "Oh." he said.  " Are you cheating on me?" It just came out of my mouth I was so ashamed.   He said "No of course not! Why would you ask me that?"  I told him the truth, I told him how I was worried that he would see another girl that he liked there and of course she would like him too, because he's really good looking.   All the girls in our grade like him I'm suprised he choose me.  He told me about what he's doing there, and not to worry about other girl's nobody else is going to get him but me.   After I was completely honest with him, I was a little bit happier because I know he was telling the truth and wasn't lying, he never lies to me.  

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