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Thin, dark short hair, pale.....why did I ever think I was related to this man in the first place?! I should really stop thinking of myself as observant, because I am obviously not. "what are we going to do?" Louis asked in a shrill voice that made him sound like Mickey Mouse...well if Mickey Mouse a were sailor. "I dont Know...." I stated calmly. "well what if he just wants to talk?" Liam asked with a shrug and we all stared daggers at him. "or not..." he said defensively. Niall walked over, noticing our little freak out session, with a look of confusion on his face. "whats going on mates?" he asked. "Oh, nothing really...just that marina's dad is on his way up and is most likely going to kill us!!" Zayn screamed. "calm down, calm down.." i said patting his arm, "he probably just wants to kill me!" I screamed back. Then we all broke out into little fits of hysteria before Liam's commanding voice sounded over our own. "EVERYONE SHUT THE BLOODLY HELL UP!!" he yelled and put his hands out. "we all need to stay calm and figure out how to get out of this building other than the elevator." he said just above a whisper. "liam's right, we need to make sure he doesnt see us, especially marina" louis said. "ok, brainstorm!" harry said and pointed one finger in the air. If not for the serious situation, I might've broken into fits of laughter. "is there a stair case? they have to have a fire escape right?" i asked and did a 360 spin, looking for a door. "there" I said pointing to a small door that seemed to blend into the gray exterior. We rushed to it and pulled violently at its handle, locked. "of course! dont happen to have a bobby pin eh, marina?" Niall laughed remembering our previous encounters with locked doors. "unfortunately not!" i said and ran to the side of the building. I looked over the edge, almost to be decapitated by a man and his squidgy scaling the side of the building. "window cleaners..deadly!" louis joked as he pulled me back before the man and the large contraption he was standing on came to a stop right at the side of the building. The scruffy looking window cleaner hopped out and pressed a big red button on the side of the platform. "is this one of those things that you see in the movies? where they stand on it and clean the windows of big skyscrapers?" zayn asked as he scrunched his nose and squinted at the thing. "No zayn..." i said casually, "this is one of those things that a boy band and their opening act jump into to, to escape her crazy father." I said and hopped over the side of it. "woah!! marina!" Harry said and reached out to me. "c'mon boys get in or get killed" i said as the large machine swayed in the gusts of wind and dangled 102 stories above the concrete. "I dont know..." liam said tentatively. "oh c'moooonnn! we've done much crazier stuff than this!" louis said and hoped in after me. I'd have to ask them about that later.... Niall shrugged and stepped onto the platform, followed by harry, zayn and finally, liam. Just as his last foot made it into the white box of a window cleaning platform and I pressed the only button I figured would make it go, the big green one, the elevator doors opened with a 'bing!' and out stepped my outraged father. "perfect timing!" louis screamed, overjoyed, as we sailed down the many stories of the empire state building. "does anyone know how to work this thing?" harry asked. "no idea!" we all shouted at the same time. And with his head in his hands and a cellphone ready-to-go, liam declared, "Im calling paul."

After several hours of dangling in the breeze at now, 80 floors above the concrete, the press started to show up and there was no sign of my father. They were taking pictures of us and doing interviews below out feet as the boys just smiled and waved, like it was a press conference or something. "still no paul?" harry asked as liam shook his head, "unfortunately not. still not working?" he said referring to the platform that had shut down sometime ago. "unfortunately not. buy hey! at least its not falling, right?" harry said, sarcastically. "its not that bad!" I said trying to lighten the mood. "we escaped my father, we have an amazing view of the city and we're all together!" I said and slung an arm over their shoulders. "she's right...what could be better than above new york at sunset with a pretty girl who cant escape?" Zayn joked and winked at me. "well i wouldnt say that...If it got really bad, I could always take my chances with the concrete" I laughed. "now, why dont we sit down and play a game to pass the time!" I offered and they groaned but agreed. "how about truth or dare?" louis said excitedly. "well considering we are like 800 feet in the gonna say no to the dare part" liam offered flatly. "so.. a game of truth then?" Niall suggested and we all agreed, even though I didnt really like the sound of it... We all took  a seat, carefully, on the metal floor of the platform and settled in for a thrilling game of spill you guts! I was wedged in between Liam and Zayn, as harry got right down to it. "ok, so I'll start, my first question is for marina." Shocker. "which one of us is the best kisser?" he asked excitedly and i turned beat red. It wasnt exactly a fair question, considering I hadnt kissed... "Niall" I replied confidently and Niall gave me a smirk, knowing exactly why I said him. Harry looked shocked, but liam just laughed, knowing we hadnt kissed yet. He always knew everything! Harry pouted and crossed his arms over his chest, "haz.." i said soothingly, "dont take it personal, you are a wonderful kisser too!" I said and he lightened up, but not much. Next was louis, "this is also for marina" he said, obviously this game was rigged! "which of us is the best looking?" he asked and cocked an eyebrow. "well.." I began, "harry has the best hair, for sure," I said and ran a hand though his curls, he smiled and leaned into my touch, like a puppy begging for attention. "Liam has the best smile, zayn has the best body, Niall has the prettiest eyes and you, louis, have the best lips...and butt" I replied with a giggle. "the ladies love the bum!" he said with a wink. "so my question is to Niall" liam said next. "I've known you all this time and yet...I've never heard you talk about it." he said quizzically. All the boys smirked and Niall blushed, "what? what is 'it'?" I asked, searching their faces for an explanation. Just as a thought popped into my head, Liam said something totally different. "love, have you ever been in love, Niall?" he asked. "phew! i thought you were talking about-" I stopped myself before I blurted out something stupid. "never mind" I quickly covered up. "all of us have and we talk about it occasionally...but never you" liam said, not taking his eyes off the blond irish boy, with a look of terrible uncomfort on his face. I was actually interested in his answer, unsure of what I wanted it to be.... "I-I think I have...once" he said and rubbed the back of his head. As soon as he said it, I wished he didnt. I changed my mind, I didnt want to know. The thought of Niall and some other girl...... "and? who was she? what did she look like? did you bang?" harry asked in a stream of questions.  I REALLY wish we he didnt answer! "she was very pretty and no we didnt..and it doesnt matter, it was un-requited love" he said with sad smile. Who was this chick? And how could she turn down Niall Horan? I will find her and hunt her down! I was planning and scheming in my head when Liam's voice suddenly flooded my ears. "hello? earth to marina? its your turn!" he said and nudged me. "oh! right, right!" I said as i collected my thoughts, I hadnt even begun to think about what I could ask them. " question is...." i said stalling and looking around at them. "oh ok! I got one! This is too all of you, if only had one day to live, what would you do?" i asked with wide eyes. After a few moments, the silence was broken with, "well I would defiantly have sex!" harry raised his hand. "yeah me too..." louis said and they all agreed, raising there hands like harry. "wow.unbelievable. Is that all guys think about?" I asked and they shook their heads. "most of the time...and food!" added Niall. "ok, well if you couldnt sleep with anyone, what would do?" I refrased the question. "...die..."      they all said, like it was obvious. "alright then...moving on! your turn zayn." I said giving up. "ok, marina. I have a question" zayn said in a calm voice. "yes?" i asked confused, because wasnt that kind of the point of the game. "which one of us is going to get to be with you?" he asked with a sadness in his eyes. My breath hitched, my heart stopped, my head was spinning, the business of New york seemed to slow into a crawling, lethargic pace, that made my eyelids heavy. "she doesnt look so good, mates...." I heard louis say. I gulped, hard and righted myself. Holding onto a metal pole for support, I said, "I Honestly dont know. But I will make the decision as soon as this craziness is over. When I'm not running from my father and when the tour is finished." "promise?" zayn asked, innocently. His pleading hazel eyes stared into mine with such force, I felt as though I would fall off backwards and pummel to concrete...or maybe I just hoped I would, atleast then I wouldnt have to break someone's heart and probably mine in the process. "p-promise" I said and grabbed his hand. "one last question" Niall said looking up shyly with a smile. "when the tour is finished... what will you do?" he asked. "Umm, I dont know.....whatever simon thinks will be best for me, I guess" I said with a shrug. I saw Niall steal glance at the other boys as they tried to cover up a grin. "whatever simon thinks is best?" liam asked slyly. "yeah I suppose...why?" I said and they shrugged. "just curio-" Niall was cut off by a loud bullhorn sounding from the street below. "Ok guys, this time you've gone too far!" an angry voice screamed up at us. We all stood, and when we saw the look on paul's face, all the boys immediately pointed to me and screamed, "she did it!!!"

After an hour or so of finally getting the cleaning platform to work again and talking to several interviewers who were waiting for our departure, we made it back to the hotel. "im exhausted!....and I cant even sleep here!!" I complained as I crashed onto the plush couch that sat in the middle of the boy's hotel room. All the boys retreated to their rooms except zayn. "whhhhhyyy nooooooot?" zayn whined and fell on top of me. "oof!" i said as all his weight came crashing down. "because management will kill me...and you, if they find out" I said once I moved out from under him slightly. He laid his head near my ear and whispered, "What they dont know won't hurt them..." I didnt want to, but a smile crept onto my lips as he said it. Sneaking around had a sort of sexy allure to it. "But what they find out, might hurt us" I countered. He shook his head, "you worry too much marina, live a little.." he said and kissed my neck. I gripped his shoulders as he continued to kiss a trail down to the neck of my shirt. "if the boys come out, your dead" I teased but he just smiled into the kisses. He ran his hands down to my hips and grasped them firmly. He began to kiss my lips and dont get me wrong, it was a fantastic kiss..but, something felt wrong. I couldnt place it and I wasnt going to stop the kiss just ponder on something that was probably a figment of my imagination. But as the kiss deepened, I couldnt shake the feeling. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a light to one of the bedroom's flick on. In one swift movement, I pushed zayn off me and he rolled onto the carpeted floor. "ow! What was that for?" He said and rubbed his head where he landed. "shhh!!" I said and pointed to a half asleep paul who we watched walk into the kitchen in just his boxers, take out a banana, and walk back into his room. "that was close!" zayn said. "yeah! you didnt tell me paul was staying in same hotel room as you guys!" I screeched.  "oh..yeah..about that..." he said with a smirk as I hit him playfully. "with that said, I should probably get going. The boys know I'm here so they could be used as eye witness testimony if paul decided to tell management" I rolled my eyes. "alright, alright, Atleast let me walk to your hotel?" he sighed with a smile. "how about just to the door?" I said and nodded towards the hotel door, two feet away, "we have a big show tomorrow and you need your rest" i sighed. "ok ok, but you'll be ok walking to your hotel alone?" he asked. "of course! Its only across the street" I said and rose from the couch. He grabbed my hand and walked me to the door, just as he promised and when we reached it, he kissed me one last time  and said, "goodnight marina" before closing the door and leaving me in the hallway. I made it to the new york street, still very busy at this time of night.  As I was crossing the street, I heard my phone bing. I pulled it out of my shorts pocket and to see a message from an unknown number. I opened it read the message aloud, "You cant get away that easy" it said and just as my face scrunched in confusion, Bright headlights blinded me. I dropped my phone and just like the furniture in my dad's study, just like my mom, I was gone.

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