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                Fortunately, the skies were blue and there was not a cloud in sight.  Fall, Ginny’s favorite time of year, was just peeking over summer’s shoulder.  Around Hogwarts, the Whomping Willow was shedding its leaves, couples were taking slow walks around the grounds, and owls of every size and species speckled the sky.  It was the all the right conditions for the perfect date and Harry knew it.        

As she sat in a hard backed chair, signature of the library, Ginny daydreamed.  Only ten minutes until she was supposed to meet Harry under their beech tree.  Agonizingly slow, the clock ticked with no other care in the world.  Watching the clock, Ginny thought about their plan to study for their exams.  Headed into her O.W.L.s, she needed all the help she could get but she hoped today’s “studying” would evolve to something a little more fun.  She couldn’t wait to see.

Deciding she couldn’t stand the anticipation any longer, Ginny made her way out of the library.  Lost in thought, she strolled through the halls towards the large oak front doors.  Ginny was so in love with Harry, but nobody ever could see that through her hard outer shell.    When a sister lives with six older brothers, she eventually learns to develop an impenetrable shield.  Nobody would delve deeper into her feelings and secret than she wanted them to.  Nonetheless, she was still a girl on the inside and still had feelings no matter what anybody thought.  From the first time she set eyes on him, Ginny knew that she would forever be with Harry.  She had always been a strong girl, but when she was with Harry, every emotion she had never known blossomed in her heart.  He brought out the girly side of her that she had never been acquainted with.  Built up within, the many different feelings she had been through so far outnumbered any she had felt with any other boy. 

                Reaching the tree, she set down her books and spread out a blanket.  As she sat down, Ginny noticed Harry coming her way and she grinned.  At the sight of him, her heart sped up and her stomach flopped over.  Quickly, he strutted over and sat down.  The affectionate look on his face was enough to break her down and her spill her hearts deepest secrets. 

                Ginny regained control of her emotions before she looked up into Harry’s gorgeous face.  She could see the love in his sparkling green eyes. 

They small talked for a few minutes about the upcoming O.W.L.s and about the impending Quidditch against Slytherin before Harry said, “So, shall we get started?”  To Ginny’s surprise, Harry stood up and bowed deeply causing his glasses to fall off.  Harry’s face was colored with an unusual blush and Ginny giggled. 

Struggling, he patted the ground to find his glasses.  Ginny reached across the blanket to pick them up and handed them to Harry.  Once he had them on, he brushed himself off and stood up to grab Ginny’s hand and help her up.  As soon as she was up, Harry pulled her towards him.  He gave her a silly look and twirled her around.  When she was facing him again, she stretched her arms around him to pull him into a comfortable embrace.  Harry felt so familiar and right; like in his arms were where she belonged.  She could have stayed in the comfortable silence forever but Harry had a different idea.  Suddenly, he dipped her down and kissed her lightly on the nose.  Then he gently laid her on the ground and she closed her eyes, expecting him to lay next to her but instead he started tickling her sides.

“Harry!” She gasped, “What are you doing?”  Ginny couldn’t stop laughing; nobody had ever known she was ticklish on her waist.  How had Harry known?

“I just wanted to see you laugh!”  He said and he stopped tickling her.

“You could’ve told me a joke or made a funny face or something!”  Ginny scolded playfully, still panting for breath.

“Ginny, you’re beautiful when you laugh.”  Harry said, all of the sudden serious.  Ginny blushed deeply and leaned forward to brush his cheek with a light kiss.  When she pulled back she found Harry studying her.  Ginny stared deep into his eyes.  I wish he’d just kiss me, she thought.

As though reading her thoughts, Harry came close and gently pressed his lips against hers.  Ginny gently kissed him back.  They broke apart after a few minutes and Ginny leaned into Harry, resting her head on his chest.  Contented, she closed her eyes and said, “I love you Harry.”

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