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Liam's P.O.V.

Niall looked horrible. He had bruises discoloring his arms and face and neck. The seat belt holding him from crashing into the dashboard had broken two ribs and his collar bone. The doctor's had yet understood while Niall got more severe injuries than Haddie did. I presume we'll know when they wake up. 

Zayn took his place on the sofa under the window. He looked too worried and like he didn't want to be bothered. So I decided not to say anything to him.

I pulled out my iPhone. I thumbed through Twitter. I saw that a lot of people were wondering why we hadn't tweeted in so long. So I opened a new tweet. 

"Things aren't looking good...please understand me, the lads, and especially Niall are going through a hard time right now." 

I debated whether or not adding a photo of Niall in the hospital bed but I decided against it. I'm sure it would be hitting Twitter all too soon. I watched as the thousands of retweets and favorites and replies came in. Most were sad and wondering what was going on but the other 75% were asking me to follow them or wish them a happy birthday. I closed out of Twitter and slipped my phone back in my pocket. It wasn't long until I had to pull it back out because I was receiving a call. It was from Niall's mother. I quickly answered it.

"LIAM!" Maura screamed at me. The first person we called was Maura when we were on our way to the hospital. She was frantically getting Niall's father and brother together to schedule a flight to Louisville. 

"Maura!" I said back to her. "We are able to see them now. We don't know exactly what happened but we know their condition." I explained to her both their physical conditions and I tried my best to calm her down. I talked to Bobby and Greg a little. You can tell they were freaking out...but on a calmer level. 

I had just finished the conversation with the Horans when Danielle walked in. I turned just as she approached the doorway. I met her eyes and she rushed to me. I hugged her tightly. Warmth spread throughout my body. I feel bad to say I actually started to feel a little better. Danielle's hugs always make me feel better, though. 

"Liam..." She whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and hugged her tighter. When she pulled back she searched my eyes. "I'm so sorry." She whispered. I just ducked my head and stared at my shoes.  Danielle lifted my chin with her fingers and made me meet her eyes. "Every thing's going to be okay. They're just a little bruised up. They're okay." She told me with a smile. I couldn't help but match her smile.

"I know...I'm just worried." I said taking her hand from my chin into my hand. She squeezed it reassuringly. I led Danielle over to Niall's bedside, still holding tightly to her hand. You know those butterflies you get when you have a crush on someone? Well Danielle's been mine for almost two years now and I still can't get rid of those damn butterflies.


Haddie's P.O.V.

Okay. I'm done doing this 'pretending to be asleep' gig. I snapped my eyes open, like I was just waking up. Three heads whipped in my direction. I saw Harry, Louis, and Eleanor. Well of course I knew they'd been there because I could hear them talking. They all rushed to my bedside. They looked concerned. Heh...I think I'm good at this whole acting thing...

"Haddie...how do you feel?" Harry asked me. I tried to fumble for my words and look around the room. I brought my hand to my head, as if I had some kind of headache. 

"F-fine...I think." I said, forcing tears to my eyes like I was in pain. Which I kinda was but not as much as I was acting I was. 

"You're head hurt?" Louis asked me. I shook my head and examined my arms and all the bruises.

"Do you remember anything?" Harry asked. Eleanor was glued to Louis' side, worried and on the brink of tears. 

Okay. I'm going to be honest right now. I literally don't remember anything. The last thing I remember was getting in my car and Niall stopping the car door. I'm guessing he got into the car and we went driving somewhere. But I don't remember anything else. I don't know how I got these bruises. I don't know anything. 

"I can't remember anything, Haz." I told him. Louis, Harry, and Eleanor looked at each other. Then they looked back at me. Then at each other. "Sorry?"

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