Bess walked on front of Harry turned around to face him and said:"harry? What's eating you? I know something is bothering you..l what is it?" she looked into his eyes he couldn't look away but when he finally did he had no idea how he was supposed to tell her...  

Harry:"I-I-I don't know what to say bess you're everything to me and I just don't think it's the right time to tell you" 

Bess:"you could've just said that! I totally understand I'm not going to force you to talk" 

Harry:"you totally get me" 

Bess:"that's because since we met I've been trying to figure you out" 


Bess:"just wanted to know why you hated me so much" bess shrugged  

Harry:"oh that's why" 

Bess:"you never told me so why did you hate me so much?" 

Harry:"when I first saw you it was when you were with your older sister Annabel right?" 

Bess nodded and said:"while Felix watched us argue.." 

Harry:"you seemed violent so I decided not to go near you or be friends with you when your brother saw me walk out of the car he ran to me.. Crying" 

Bess:"the first time Felix actually talked to someone other than me.." 

Harry:"I liked your brother he was different he was calm and scared" 

Bess:"while me and Annabel kept tossing insults back and forth and kept arguing" 

Harry:"he told me what the fight was about I brought him inside when you noticed he was with me you were ticked off" 

Bess:"I came in yelling his name when I saw him with you I hated everything.." 


Bess:"because nobody cared about him other than you and me and when I saw how you treated him I liked you as a friend but you were rude to me so I carried Felix out and when he saw Annabel and Christian he burst into tears in my arms.." 

Harry:"that's right I felt sorry for felix and you but ever since then I just stopped liking you" he shrugged 

Bess:''what about now?" 

Harry:''now I love you and whenever I'm not with you I just feel so alone" 

Bess:"you're so sweet I love you too" she looked at him and smiled he walked over next to her and they continued heir walk back home 

Harry dropped bess over at her house and he went upstairs he said to himself:"she's so understanding I don't know what I'd do without her" the exact moment his doorbell rang he went downstairs and accepted the bag that he'd bought with bess he put the bag upstairs and dropped on his bed from exhaustion. 

When he woke up it was around three in the afternoon he walked downstairs and found his phone ringing and buzzing he opened the first text:"hey there buddy I'm bored come hang out with me :(- Louis" 'sure man let me eat ad I'll be right over -Harry' he opened the other texts from his mom and his sister and replied he walked back upstairs and changed he grabbed his car keys and went two Louis' house.  

Bess was with Niall in the mall they were walking around it took them a while to figure out what they wanted to do.

Bess:"so Niall are you ready for our little trip?"

Niall:"what trip?"  he looked at her confused

Bess:"to australia remember?"

Niall:"oh that one yea my stuff is ready i can't wait''

Bess:"hope you guys find gigs there"

Niall:"thanks would you like if one night you sing a duet with me?"

Bess:"sure Niall" she smiled at him 


Bess:"hey what are friends for?"

Niall:'i dont know you tell me" bess laughed and niall smiled. Niall wanted to tell Bess so many things but he couldn't do that he couldn't betray his own friend so he kept them to himself they walked around in silence  when Racheal came up to them.

Racheal:"Niall! hi didn't know you were here.. oh hi Bess"

Niall:"hi racheal what can i do for you?"

Racheal:"can i hang out with you guys?"

Niall:"where's beth and um what's the other one's name?"


Niall:"that's the one .. so where are they?"

Racheal:"out with their boyfriends so can i hang with you?" 

Niall looked at Bess who wasn't even paying attention to the conversation so niall said:"alright we'll leaving soon anyway"

Racheal:"thanks" racheal and NIall were in deep conversation Bess walked behind them deep into her thoughts her phone started vibrating it was a text:'hey there bess how's your dy going with Niall? - Kim' 'terrible just terrible - Bess' 'why ;O? - Kim' 'racheal joined us.. - bess' 'oh its alright im at the mall want to ditch them and hang ;) ? -Kim' 'come up to starbuckss Racheal and Niall stopped there i'll be waiting just hurry! - Bess' 'Babe im behind you - Kim' Bess turned around and she saw Kim. kim was walking towards her with Harry. Bess's face lit up when she saw both of them walk towards her.

Harry:'hey what are you doing here?"

Bess:"niall wanted to hang out a bit he was bored but then racheal came and spoiled the mood"

Harry:"typical Racheal"

Bess shrugged and said:"hm whatever do you guys want to hang out or something?"

Harry:"sure just tell Niall you're coming with us"

Bess:"do i have to?" she mumbled as she looked at racheal

Harry:"come on once you say you have to go she wont bug you"

Bess:"fine" she walked over to their table and said:"um guys i have to go now.."

Niall:"bye Bess i'll see you later" Bess walked to Harry and Kim and the three of them went to the bowling alley 

Harry:"you could say we came to your rescue right?"

Bess:"you actually did but how did you know i was at the mall with niall?"

Kim:"Harry was at Niall's place because they had band practise but Niall missed it and left his phone at home so Harry went through the texts and saw the one where you agreed to go to the mall"

Bess looked at Harry but he just shrugged and said:"the lads and i know eveyrhting about eachother but Niall's being so secretive now"

Bess:"he certainly hasn't spoken to me about anything"

Kim:"anyway guys are we going to bowl now or keep talking?"

Harry:"both actually" After the game Kim got bored and went home. which left Bess and Harry alone. 

Harry:"Bess is there something bugging you?"

Bess:"no nothing Harry"

Harry:"alright then are you hungry?"

Bess:"na i ate already but if you are we can go eat somewhere"

Harry:"alright im starving lets go" Bess was hiding something and Harry could tell but he wasn't going to push her but he really wanted to know will Bess tell Harry what's bothering her? or will she keep another secret from him?

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