My brother's hot best friend

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Here I am watching princess diaries on a Friday night. Wow how pathetic. 

“a..a… princess SHUT UP !” I said along with Anne Hathaway.

She’s my favorite actress and a beautiful one too.

“Yo Keyla! Are you really going to stay in tonight! There’s a huge party going on at club meeka!” my brother Julio asked me.

“No I just wanna stay home tonight” I said sadly. Oh how I wanted to go out but something has been bugging me and I decided to do it tonight when no one would be home.

“ Well alright if you say so! Let’s go angel” Julio screamed from the bottom of the stairs.

“ I’m coming !”

&& their he was my brothers hot best friend running down the stairs. Ever since that one beautiful night, he has been ignoring me. It killed me every time I had to see him come through the front door and when I would see him with girls drooling all over him in school. 

I went back to watching the movie before he could look at my face and see the sadness in my eyes.

When they finally stopped looking at themselves in the mirror after 10 minutes of just standing there, they finally left!

Okay I thought to myself; I better get this over with.

I walked up the stairs and down the hall to my room.

Grabbed a brown bag that was hidden in my dresser and went across the hall to the guest bathroom.

After reading the instructions, I did what I was told. While waiting those awful 3 minutes, I couldn’t stop thinking about that beautiful night with Angel.




Everyone sang around me.

“Make a wish” my mother told me

‘I wish I can finally have him’ I thought and blew out the candles.

After my mother took out all 17 candles, I felt my head being pushed.

And of course, my loving big brother Julio decided like always to shove my face into the cake.

“ CAKE FIGHT !!!” Angel and Julio screamed.

I hid for cover under the table while all I see is white going everywhere and people laughing and screaming and running!

When everyone stopped and I thought the coast was clear, I got out of my cave.

“You think by hiding, I’m not going to get you. Ahh sis you have to learn one day, & I guess that day is….today!” Julio said.

OHHH SHIT AM I IN TROUBLE. When I finally looked at my surroundings I see everyone even my mother and father with cake in their hands looking at me.  AM DEAD.


Let’s just say at the end.

My beautiful black party dress and hair was ruined. GREAT. A nice birthday present from my brother.

While people helped out cleaning downstairs, I went up stairs to clean off my face and take a shower.

There was a long line of people waiting to clean up in the guest bathroom. I even think they were using my brothers. Whatever thank god I have my own.

I started to get undress. And was only in my bra and underwear.

I was about to clean my face in the sink when I looked in the mirror and say Angel in my relfection.

“OH MY GOD !!” I screamed.

“ANGEL !! Why did you do that! you scared the crap out of me!”

“ I…I..I’m soo sorry, I didn’t know you would be this. I just wanted to ask you if I could use your bathroom to clean up since every bathroom is taken.”

When I realized what he meant, I quickly grabbed my pink cushion robe and pulled it over my body.

“yeah go right ahead, I’ll wait outside.” While I was heading out the bathroom door, I felt Angel’s hand grab my wrist gently pulling me back.

“What happened?”  I asked Angel wondering what the hell was he doing.


He looked me in the eyes. I can see something in them, an emotion I didn’t recognize.    

And that’s how it began.

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