On a Quest for Love

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Nicki's POV

I'm in the car and im calling Prince

Phone Convo

P:hey Nicki

N: hey i need u to meet me at the beach ok need to talk to you

P: ok wen

N: like now

P: alright bye'

N: bye *hangs up*

Im speeding to get to beach i have to Prince i can't let him go.I'm finally here. I've been waiting for 20 minutes. Is he still coming? Finally he's here.When i saw him i ran into his arms and kissed him for about 5 minutes. It felt so amazing, i felt fireworks.

Prince: (breaks the kiss) you must have really missed me

Me: you have no idea but now that ur here i have something to tell you.

Prince: what's wrong ~serious face~

Me: Just listen. I really like you and when you called me earlier it hurt me seeing u going to be with someone else and i want you no one else so i guess wat im trying to say is will you be with me.

Prince: (kisses her with a lot of passion and tongue)

Me: (breaks the kiss) *smiles*

Prince: Hell yes mami *smiles*~Phone Rings~

Phone Convo

P: hello

Ray: hey bro

P: oh hey ray

Ray: we need to start packin to go back home

P: alright later bro *hangs up*

End of Phone convo

End of POV

Prince's POV

How am i gone tell her this she's gonna kick my ass!!!!

Me:Bae ~looks at her nervously~

Nicki: wat do u need to tell me now

Me: well we gotta get ready to go back to LA 2morrow night

Nicki: Really u gotta be fucking kidding me*tears up* we juss got together now you juss gonna leave me

Me: (wipes her tears) Baby you know i hate when you cry but look wat if u come with me and yo girls can come too.

Nicki: I'm not sure i'll be able to. I'll have tlk to my mama about

Me: I kinda already talked to her about it she said it was cool with her

Nicki:Ok i guess i can but i need to go pack

Me:alright when u done u wanna stay with me tonight i got my own room at the hotel *winks*

Nicki: ok no funny business Mr.

Me: looking at that ass it's gone be pretty hard not to

Nicki: Ur such a freak. I'm gonna meet up with my girls then we im there k

Me: alright bae take my car and i'll get Prod's car

Nicki: bye hun ~kisses him and pulls off~

End Of Pov

Netti's POV

Me and Angie are on our way to help Nicki pack and catch up. Huh why does this boy keep textin me. This boy named Timothy always calls me i told him i gotta boyfriend but that hasn't stopped at all. We went up to the door and rung the doorbell.

Nicki'sMom: Hey yall Nicole is in her room packing

Us: ok thanks

We walk to Nicki's room and see clothes everywhere

Angie: Damn Nicki wtf

Me: Yeah like how long have you been packin

Nicki: For like 2 hours how long did it take yall

Everybody except Nicki: all yesterday

Nicki: wait yesterday but we just found out today

Angie nooo.. u found out today we already knew

Me: yeah Roc told me yesterday when were at lunch

Nicki: well thenyall bitches couldn't tell me

Me: we thought you knew ~gets a text from timothy~

Nicki: who is that

Angie: Timothy has been texted her non stop

Nicki: Oh don't let Roc find out else he gonna snap

Me: Watever it won't even get that far

Nicki: Ok but be careful

Me: I will but wat u doin wen u finish packing

Nicki: for your information im going to stay the night with my sweetheart Prince

Angie: Wait wat you picked one

Nicki: yes i did me and prince have a better connection than i do with Prod actually prod told me i should go get Prince on our date

Everyone except Nicki: Awww

Nicki: Anyways how is it goin between you and Ray

Angie: awsome im staying the night with him.

Me: and what will you be doing

Angie: watever we want

Nicki: ok i see you. and wat about you and roc

Me: wonderful we're havin movie night tonight

Nicki: wat kind of movies (winks)

Netti: u are so nasty normal ones duhh....

 Til next time i hoped you enjoyed this chappie.

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