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Pen Your Pride

A Zayn Malik Love Story

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Chapter 16

His expression was priceless, his jaw looked like it was about to hit the floor. But I was happy about it.

'Really?!' He gasped

I laughed and nodded, my tears had dissapeared now. 

'Well we can just take things slow..if you want' He spoke shyly

Wow Zayn Malik shy? Ha that's a first!

'Yeah' I smiled

His smile would end up cracking up face, it was so big! 

'Why did you come back?' I asked

'I wanted to know why you left so suddenly'

He came all the way from Europe back to here just for that? Wow eager beaver.

'You really wanted to know that badly?' I asked shocked

'Yeah, I didn't know if something was up with you. And now you know that I like you it kinda' makes sense now' He laughed shyly once again

'That's cute' I laughed

He hung his head and smiled, wow he was so adorable when he was shy! Well..he was adorable all the time really. After having a talk about stuff we decided to go back to mine.

We walked in and immediatley Zayn dived on my couch, ok make yourself at home. I walked over to the pots that had been stacked up there for like 2 weeks now, oh man.

I put hot water in a washing up liquid, I could feel Zayn behind me.

'What' I muttered

'Need some help off your glamourous assistant?' He smiled while leaning next to me

'Yeah go on then, where are they?' I asked while looking around

He laughed and made a shocked facial expression at me, he picked some of the bubbles up from the sink and put them on my face and ran off. 

'ZAYN' I yelled

He laughed louder and louder, I dried my hands and ran after him with a hand ful of bubbles, I couldn't see him anywhere though. I stepped further and tripped up, I looked behind me following the laugh and there was Zayn lay down hid behind the couch.

'You're so dopey' He laughed

I crawled over to him and put bubbles on his face too, he grabbed me and rolled me over so he was on top of me. Okay I liked this.

Oh stop thinking like that Faye! 

Hey I'm aloud! I definitely old enough damn it.

I was using my hands to push him off but he placed his hands over mine and linked them, I smiled at him shyly as he didn't stop looking at me.

He leaned in closer and closer..oh man he's going to kiss me, hey, I don't mind. I'd love to kiss this guy.

His lips came into mine and we moved in sync, his hands moved down to my waist. Oh damn if I knew he would be this good of a kisser when I'd first met him I would have kissed him straight away!

'I've been wanting to do that since I first saw you' He laughed

'Same here' I winked while smiling, impersonating him

'Hey don't copy my wink, although you do look good doing it' He winked

I laughed and finally rolled off him and lay beside him.

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