Laura's p.o.v

I woke up in the middle of the night, because I had such a horrible nightmare about Paiges evil step-dad. The dream was about that he broke into our house and beat us all up and then kidnapped Paige and I never saw her again... I could sense that something was wrong as soon as I saw that Paige's bed was empty. I started to search for her, but she wasn't in the toilet, or kitchen, or wardrobes, or under my bed, or in the hallway and not in my mom's room. Then where could she be? I was so worried I tried to call her, but no one answered and then I woke mom up. She listened when I told her that Paige was gone and that I was so worried, and then she searched the house too, and sighed deeply.

-We have to go out and search for her... said she.

-Yeah... Hurry mom! said I.

We got dressed and started to search the streets, but there was no signs of Paige anywhere. I started to feel the panic coming rushing... She could be dead or something even worse...

Ronnie's p.o.v

Well I should have guessed that we would meet Max's daughter out in the streets in the middle of the night. He used to walk around a lot in the city in the middle of the night when he was younger. Usually with only his underwear on, because he was sleepwalking. But he did it when he was awake too. He used to skate sometimes, and sometimes just bring out a guitar and sit in a park somewhere and play and sing... I had to come there often because gangs were out there and sometimes threatened him. But it was us against the world, and we always got out of the trouble somehow. Aah, the good times!

I smiled and followed Derek and Ryan into a bar, there was music playing and some people was already drunk. But I wasn't gonna get drunk tonight. I'd save that for the tour, or maybe I'd not get drunk at all... Whatever.

Paige's p.o.v

I followed the FIR guys into the house with a big glowing sign saying 'The big bad wolf bar'. A girl my age standing outside with too little clothes and looking like she felt sick got my attention and I just stared at her.

-Uhm... Are you alright? asked I.

She vomited and I was right in time to jump away. I heard Ryan calling my name and I hurried in after him, I was scared because that vomit smelled like... the drinks that my dad used to drink when he got all blacked out and pissed off! I just froze and it felt like everybody was just staring at me. I was so fucking scared.

-Wanna have a beer? asked someone.

I'd never seen him before, but he was my dad's age and really ugly, and his eyes had some trouble to focus on me. I moved closer to the FIR guys and took Ryans hand, because he seemed like so kind and nice. He just looked at me and kindly smiled.

Shakina's p.o.v

What was I supposed to do? Max would kill me if he knew that I had lost his daughter! But I needed to call him so he could help to search for her... But it was in the middle of the night and he was probably sleeping. I should call the police!

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