Chapter 2 - It all started on holiday - A Tom Daley Fan Fiction

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I spent most of the three hour flight playing games on my iPod and talking to my younger brother Jake, and before I knew it the seatbelt sign had come up, telling people to make sure their seatbelts were fastened as we were going to land shortly.

The plane landed in Faro airport with a thump and we were told it was now safe to remove our seatbelts.

Everyone was rushing to exit the plane, keen to begin their holidays. We all made our way off of the plane and into passport control. The queue for passport control was massive! It took us about half an hour to get through!

Once we had all got through passport control we made our way down to collect our suitcases. We all found our suitcases pretty quickly and by now it was about 10:15.

My father phoned up the car company to ask where we collect the minibus from that we were hiring for the three weeks we were spending out here. We eventually found out and went to collect the keys. The minibus was parked in the airport car park so we walked out and after about 10 minutes of searching for it, we finally found it.

We threw our entire luggage into the boot and my mother quickly phoned up the owner of the villa we were staying in to ask if we were able to arrive there now.

After speaking to the woman on the phone for approximately 5 minutes my mother told us that the villa was just being cleaned because people left this morning, and that there was a restaurant/pub near the villa in which we could go and grab some lunch as we hadn’t eaten properly for hours.

We drove for about half an hour to get to the area which we were staying in, and parked up the minibus in the restaurant car park. We walked into the restaurant and after reading over the English version of the menu, ordered our food.

The food was absolutely lovely! Just as we finished eating my mother’s phone rang. It was Jean, the owner of the villa. My mother only spoke to her for a couple of minutes and when she put the phone down told us that the villa was ready for us!

All 6 of us piled into the minibus, took our seats and set off for our holiday villa! When we got there we parked in the garage which was already open for us, and as we got out a woman with dark hair, probably in her 50’s walked out and greeted us.

“Hi, I’m Jean, it’s nice to meet you all” She said warmly.

We all introduced ourselves and then Jean took us on a tour of the villa. It was massive! My parents would share a room, my Nan and Granddad would also share a room, and me and my brother Jake would both have separate rooms, but we both had double beds!

It was lovely! We had our own kitchen and barbecue so we could eat in at nights if we wanted to, and in the mornings we could have breakfast here!

Outside we had our own patio area with a set of table and chairs to eat on. There were then about 3 small steps down onto a grassy area which had sun loungers on, and then in the middle of all the sun loungers was a massive pool!

Jean had told us that the other 3 villas that shared the pool were occupied and she said she thinks there is a boy my age here but she wasn’t too sure. She said she knew one had a family with two younger children, under 10, and there were an older couple in the other one. But she was almost certain that there was a boy here about my age, with his younger brother and his mother.

Jean finally left us to it, and we decided we would all go shopping to get some supplies for the house such as breakfast and drinks, and food for a barbecue tonight as it was our first night here we didn’t want to be rushing around and getting all dressed up to go to restaurants.

When we arrived home my mother and my Nan unpacked the shopping, while the rest of us went to unpack the swimming costumes, towels and sun cream.

I put on my pink and purple striped strapless bikini as it was right at the top of my suitcase because I packed it last. I applied some sun cream to my already quite tanned skin and made my way outside.

I decided to sunbathe for a while before going into the pool, so I made my way outside and there were about 6 people in the pool already, from what I could tell it was the younger family and the older couple.

I layed down on the sun lounger and made myself comfortable, only for Jake to come out of our villa and jump on top of me!

“Jake!” I shouted at him playfully.

“Come in the pool please!” He whined.

“Fine” I said reluctantly. With that we ran hand in hand into the freezing cold pool!

After about 10 minutes of splashing around in the pool with Jake the rest of the family came outside to join us. My mother and Nan decided to lie on the sun loungers and sunbathe for a while, and my father and granddad came to join us in the pool.

We were playing a game with a beach ball, trying to keep it up in the air for as long as we possibly could without dropping it.

We finished playing the game and I decided to relax on a lilo in the pool, I wasn’t quite sure what my brother, father and granddad were doing, playing some kind of splashing game by the looks of it.

I then noticed someone standing on the patio of the villa next to ours; he was quite tall with dark hair and was wearing sunglasses. He was probably the boy that Jean said was about my age! He was really tanned and he looked really familiar, but I couldn’t tell because he had sunglasses on.

The tanned boy walked a bit closer; he was wearing swimming trunks so I could see his toned body. I was staring at him, but he wasn’t looking in my direction so he wouldn’t have seen me. If he had of turned around right then I would of looked like a complete stalker!

Just then my staring was bought to an end when Jake jumped on top of me, pulling me under the water. When I finally resurfaced I saw the boy walking back to his villa, without his sunglasses on! All I could see was the back of his head though!

He must have heard me scream when Jake pulled me under because just then he turned around for about 3 seconds to see what was happening.

This could not be happening.

It could not be him!

He carried on walking back to his villa and I knew it was him, I could tell where I recognised him from, and his walk was now so familiar. The tanned boy with the good body staying in the villa next to me was Tom Daley.


Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry this chapter is a bit long and doesn't really involve Tom, I just wanted to introduce you to the story. Thank you for reading! Comment and let me know what you think :D

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