chapter 1ㅣmeeting him

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haerin's pov:

i woke up to the sound of the birds chirping and my eyes fluttered open. i quickly went to take a shower and proceeded to the kitchen for breakfast.

i'll do a quick introduction of myself. i'm kim haerin, age 20. i live in a spacious and cosy apartment. my parents migrated to the states, living me to live in korea alone. they send money to me monthly and we would chat over the phone frequently. my parents asked me to stay with them in the states, but i declined their offer because i love staying in korea and i'm very attached to my current job. i've just graduated from college and i got a degree in medicine. i didn't want to be a doctor as i'm afraid that it might be too stressful, so i chose to become a nurse. i work in the isolation ward where i have to take care of patients who suffer from critical illnesses.

okay, enough with the introduction. i have to leave for work now.

yesterday, my colleague told me that a new patient would be transferring to my ward so i'll have to make sure everything is ready for the new patient.


i entered the isolation ward, not forgetting to put on a mask, and greeted my colleagues. i then proceeded to do some paperwork for my new patient.

an hour later, i received a call from my senior, saying that the new patient has arrived.

" jihoon, we need to go down to fetch the new patient. " i walked toward my best friend, jihoon.

jihoon and i went to the same college and mastered in the same degree. we became best friends and decided to be nurses together and the best thing is that we got put into the same ward; the isolation ward. me and jihoon will also be in charge of the new patient.

" haerin, did you know that the patient is korean but he went to the states to receive treatment for his illness, but now he came back to korea to continue receiving treatment. " jihoon said while we were heading to the lobby.

" jihoon... you know that you're not allowed to talk about the patients in the isolation ward openly right?" i reminded jihoon.

he apologised and continued walking with me.


we looked around the lobby for a sign of a new patient, but we couldn't spot one.

jihoon whipped out his phone and was about to call our senior nurse when someone caught my eye.

" jihoon... wait... i think i found the patient." i stopped jihoon.

i squinted my eyes and looked at a pale guy in a wheelchair. my breath hitched when i realised who the patient was.

it was my ex-boyfriend,

bae jinyoung.

( a/n: jinyoung is 20 years old in this story. )

Hope you guys liked this chapter!!

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