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hey babe," louis said giving me a hug.

"Im so sorry for your loss," i was so confused now.

"what do you mean i said in confusion

"we didnt want to tell her on her birthday," sahar said

"what happened," i said sternely

"Ohh she doesnt know yet sorry we thought she did," said liam.

"What its my birthday i deserve to know!!" i yelled niall sat me down then held my hand louis brang in a box of tissues.

"zayn tell her," niall said.

"why should I?" zayn complained,"ohh well i will.

"your cousin she passed away this morning," i didnt think that was cming.

"WHAT WHAT HAPPENED,"  i said crying with me in Zayns arms louis passing me a tissue niall squeezing my hand while Harry was in the othere room.

"no one knows im so sorry love," liam said i just broke down then niall took me in his arms and whixpered,"Im so sorry babe,' i couldnt stop crying harry finnaly caught up on everything i was laying on the couch over ther.

"Babe im so sorry lets go take a walk," i just rolled my eyes then niall came and grabbed my legs harry grabbed my arms they carried me over to a water bucket i started screaming.

"No no don't dare do that dont!!," i yelled then liam came back laughing and louis carefully pushed me in i started yelling when i saw a hose and sprayed it on them they screamed like little girls i completley forgot about everything enjoying every second

"harry no!" he took the hose and started spraying me and niall we jus grabbed onto each other we both hid inside a closet when suddenly all the lights went out and i realised i was somewhere else

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