This Love is Ours ~ A Niall Horan Fanfic

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Chapter One-

(y/n) Get Up! You have to be at the airport by 9 and it's already 7:30!" someone yelled from outside your bedroom door. Today, you and your bestfriend Mallory were leaving for your Senior Trip. You rolled over, not wanting to leave your warm bed. After about 5 minutes, you decided to get up and get dressed. You put on some denim shorts and a One Direction t shirt. They were your favorite band and you were going to London, so it only seemed right. You braided your hair into a fishtail and slipped on your sandals. Your bags had already been packed and put into your car the night before so you wouldn't be so stressed. As you opened your bedroom door, the smell of bacon and eggs made its way to your nose, making your mouth water. "Ooh! My favorite!" you said getting a plate from the counter. "How many pieces Of bacon, honey?" you dad asked, smiling. "Umm...just two will be alright." you replied as he placed the bacon and some eggs on your plate. You fixed you a glass of orange juice and started eating. "Now I know that boyband...what is it? direction?....I know they live in London, but I don't want you and Mallory spending all your time and money looking for them. I want it to be a little educating at the least, since you insisted going to London instead of Hawaii." your mom nagged. "Mom, I didn't want to go to Hawaii. This is MY senior trip isn't it? Last time I checked, you weren't graduating from high school." you replied, half joking, half serious. "Yes, I know I just don't want you two to be upset if and when you don't meet them. This should be a fun trip." she said kissing your forehead, "besides, Niall will probably to busy to play with little girls anyway." "MOM! I wouldn't just meet Niall...I might be the most excited about him but...I'd love to meet the rest too! Gosh!" you defended yourself. "I should really get going" you said placing your dishes in the sink. "Bye, honey. We love you! Have fun, but behave yourselves! If you need anything just give us a call!" your mom said kissing your forehead and hugging you tightly. "Don't worry, mom. We will get in so much trouble and be really bad. So bad, they might even kick us out of the country!" you said sarcastically. "Oh, I know you will, honey. Just remember, if you get caught. Don't tell them we are your parents!" your dad replied, making the whole family laugh. You made your rounds hugging and kissing everyone goodbye. "Bye guys! I love you all so much!" you said walking out the door and getting into your car. You were so excited about going to London. You'd always wanted to go there. And having One Direction in the same city as you was just a plus. As you drive to Mallory's house to pick her up, you listened to their music, making you even more excited. You had a feeling something amazing would happen to you while in London.

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