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A crystal moon hung in the eerie night sky. Strips of grey clouds drifted past, blocking the shine of the majestic site. Within the mountains of the lake lands, a cave that was hidden in the sounds and mist of a waterfall, was the host of a group of cats, of all sizes and ages.

"Bring in, the prisoner!" A very old and scraggy cat said, his pelt hanging off his ribs. Two husky toms nodded then padded out of the cave, that had been only lit up by the little moon shine that had been giving. Minutes had passed, and the toms had returned, with another cat in between them. The two toms shouldered the center cat right in front of the elder. This tom that had been carried in was a very fluffy cat, a grey pelt covered in dirt and gravel crumbs, green eyes as green as jade, and he walked with a limp. 

"What do you want with me?" the grey tom had asked, his voice had sounded muffled from the force of the two toms. The older cat leaned over, his breathe made the grey tom's whiskers twitch in disgust. 

"Why were you hunting, in our territory?" he growled. The grey tom stared into the older one's eyes, hatered and anger was found. He gulped, terrified that one wrong word to this appearent "old" leader would cause him to send this cat back into the dark, jagged dungeon they had held him captive in for days on end.

"I, uh. I was hungry, you see I have no home and-," Before the tom could finish, the elderly cat had hissed and pulled his shoulders back, as if ready to attack. Fear penetrated the grey tom, and as his pelt was hot, he was sure he was to die here and now.

"We don't accept loners in our territory! Your type is nothing but filled with low life scum and filth, and I don't appreciate your way of living, in fact none of the Tribe of Rushing Water does!" The old cat growled. He pulled himself back up on his rock, and looked at the two toms that had brought the grey cat in. "Throw him out in the forest, he shouldn't be able to survive the night!" The two toms nodded and one grabbed the grey cat by the scruff of his neck with ferious teeth, as the other walked behind.

The grey tom mewed and cried all the way until the edge of the cliff. A bolt of lightning shot down, and thunder follwed. Before the toms knew it, rain was crashing down harder and faster then any waterfall could ever commence in doing. "Have a nice trip." One of the mean toms said. One pulled the grey tom up, then the other rammed into him, knocking him off the short cliff like rise, onto the muddy earth of the forest.

The grey tom hit the ground with a thud, and looked up towards the cliff to see the two vicious toms walking away. He pulled himself up with all his strength, and then coughed. As soon as he jumped up on his bad leg, he screeched in pain. Agh! It feels like it cracked some more! But his thoughts had soon faded when he heard the sound of growling, and not regular dogs growling, but something much more vicious, much more sinister then any dog. "..a wolf!" The grey tom took off as fast as he could foward.

He hopped over little branches and more. Soon, the sound of branches and leaves could be heard crashing. The grey tom looked behind himself to see the gigantic grey wolf pursuiting him at full speed. The grey tom panted and panted from the chase, but he knew he couldn't give up now, that is life depended on this. 

He hurled over a fallen tree stump, but then he felt something rip at his hind paw and he fell into a puddle of mud. He looked and saw he had stumbled upon a stray branch that was growing on the tree. Before the cat could even manage to get up, the wolf had hopped over him and turned with ease, and the look of hunger on his face. Slobber dripped from his fierce set of teeth, and the tom was caught in complete shock. He finall shook it off and dodged as the wolf shot a bite at his face. The grey tom launched himself with all his energy onto the branch, and then jumped off. As the branch fell down on the wolve's head, he realized that his plan had worked, and he had gave himself some time to escape the wolve's hunger.

The wolve growled and shook the branch off, then darted after the tom. Now the vicious creature had only been a fox tail lenght behind the tom. While running, the tom saw a thunderpath coming his way. Oh no! Oh no! No no no! This is bad!  Then he jumped. The lights of a monster was close by and the wolf was right behind him. The world had seemed to stop, and nothing move. But then the grey tom had broken it's concentration on dying from this situation, and he landed on the other side. He heard a fatal whimper and turned to see the monster had hit the wolf. As soon as the twolegs crawled out to check on the creature, the grey tom had once again ran off.

"It doesn't matter where I go, as long as I find some place safe."

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