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She nodded.

'Well, that man who tried to kill you, He....erm.....He cut your vocal cords, so, your not able to talk ever again. I'm sorry, sweety.' I said to her.

She looked at me, with wide open eyes. I know she wanted to say something, so I asked the nurse for some paper and a pencil, so she could write, what she wanted to say.

'Here, so you can write, what you wanna say.' I handed her the paper and the pencil, and the first thing she writ was:

 I Love You Louis Tomlinson.


(So, everything that Eleanor says is like this: Eleanor, Cause she can't talk)

'Why don't you say anything?' Eleanor said to me.

'Because I don't know whát to say.' I said with almost tears burning in my eyes.

'Just say that you love me, too. Please?' She asked me, With her puppy eyes.

'No, I'm not gonna say that.' I said. She looked at me, shocked, and really sad.

'I'm not gonna say it, because it isn't enough.' I said, and a big smile came on het face. 'I love you sososo much, that there aren't words to find.'

Then the doctor came in.

'Miss Calder, you can go home tomorrow, alright?' He asked. And El nodded.

'I can't wait to get home. Wait a minute, I don't have a home. What do i have to do now? I can't live anywhere else, and my mum is dead, so I can't live with her anymore. What should I do, Lou?' She was totally panicking.

'El, relax. You need to rest. And you can live with me, if you want.' I said, and she nodded with a sad smile on het face.

'But Lou, I'm excually kind of scared.' She said, and het eyes started tearing up.

'Scared, why? You aren't scared of me, are you?' I asked, looking her in the eyes.

'No, not you, why would I be scared of you?' She said, little chuckling. 'I'm scared of that odd man, who killed my mum, and tried to kill me. What is he come's back? I'm just so scared, Lou.' She said, and she began crying.

'El, don't cry.' I said, hugging her tight. 'He isn't coming back. And if he does, I'll safe you, really. But believe me, he isn't coming back. The police is looking for him. And if your really scared at home, there could be some of the bodyguards, so he can't come in. Alright?' I said. I looked in her eyes, and she nodded. I know she was still really scared, so i hugged her again, really, really, tight.




(next day)




I stayed the whole night in here. It was fine by the nurses, because Eleanor was really scared. Today she could go home, and a few bodyguards stayed with us at home.

'Do you need some stuff from home?' I asked her, when we entered my, now our, house.

'No, I never wanna go in there again. I can buy some new stuff.' She said. I nodded.

'Do you wanna go shopping this after noon? If you want, we can go, just us two, without the bodyguards, but only if you want to.' I said to her, and looked at her. She nodded.

'I really trust you, and I love you.' She said to me.

'I love you too.' And I pecked her on the lips. 'If you want to, we can go now, so we can lunch at Nando's?'

'Yeah, but make sure, that Niall doesn't know it, or it's no longer us two.' She said, and we chuckeled.

First we got to Nando's, after that we went shopping for Eleanor, and right now, we're watching a movie. The Titanic.

We we're just watching the movie, and cuddling with each other, when we heard a door open.

'What was that?' El asked me.

'I don't know, but stay here, I'm gonna watch.' I said, and I walked to the door.

I opened it, and no-one was there, but the door was still open. It was just the wind, i guess. I walked back to Eleanor, and she asked me:

'What was it? Was it that man again?'

'No, it was just the wind, that opened the door.' But when I said that, we heard something.

'What was that?' She asked me, and she looked really scared.

'I don't know, but stay here,'I'm gonna watch who is up stairs.' I said, but Eleanor grabbed my hand.

'No, don't go, first, because I don't wanna be alone. And second, because, it could be that man, and maybe he's gonna kill you. I don't wanna loose you.' She said, and her eyes we're tearing up again.

'I don't wanna loose you either, but if I don't go, and it is the man, He's gonna kill us both. So, stay here, and'I'm gonna watch, alright?' I said, and El nodded, but with a lot of fear in her eyes.

I walked to the door again, and opened it. I walked up to the stairs, and saw that our bedroom door was half open. I saw a shadow on the wall. It was a man, but who? Was it the man who tried to kill Eleanor? I saw that the man turned around, with something in his hands. I thought fast, and grabbed the first thing i saw. It was a gummy bear lamp. I walked to the door, and opened it.

'AAAAAHAHAAAAAAHHH!!!!!' I screamed.





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