Chapter Seven-Together

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Chapter Seven-Together

The fire had died out, leaving the clearing chilled, with the faint embers pulsing outside the mesh canopy. I was laying nearest to the supplies, a blanket wrapped around my legs. Cold air seeped through the fine material, and I shivered, my fingers numb and my nose running. The air brushed my bare cheeks and my hair felt cool to the touch. I’d never felt this cold before, even though it wasn’t much different in the day time. 

From where I lay I could see the silhouettes of Aries and Kado, the black stallion, they huddled together, sharing warmth. I coughed and curled into a ball, trying to suppress the cold with my fire, warming my hands and my lower arms. I’d be able to survive the night, but by the sounds that Brann was making I wasn’t so sure. His teeth chattered loudly and he groaned every few minutes. I could hear his raspy breathing and him tossing and turning. He’d fallen asleep hours ago and I’d lay here silently listening to him. 

I wriggled, dragging all the blankets I could find around me, trying to shutter out the frosty winds. The canopy did little other than protect against pesky bugs and small animals. I caught a glimpse of tree, wavering overhead and I wondered how the trees and plants survived without the sunlight, it was as if they’d gone dormant, like they’d frozen in time. I’d never really though about it before.


I trembled as Brann moaned, and thrashed under his sheets. Draping a duvet and bundling my other blankets against my breast I crawled across the tent, dropping down beside Brann. My fire instantly struggled to feel the warmth of his. I held it in as I snuggled down, careful not to touch him, as he was neither friend nor foe. I shook as I carefully tucked a heavy quilt around him and cocooned myself in my own set of blankets. His shivering weakened and I caught my breath. 

The last trickling embers of his fire were being snuffed by the tremendous stress the cold was putting on his body. My Magic Energy lashed at my barrier, settling down over my gut and forcing their way to my fingertips. I clenched my fists and lay my head facing Brann’s. His forehead was wrinkled as if focusing, his eyes closed and his lips parted slightly. His breathing was faint, and I felt surprised by the anxiety frothing within me. I didn’t want him to die, and he didn’t want to either. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own, digging beneath the wraps and caught on his tunic, the tight lacing at the front creating a problem for my shaking hands. 

I pulled myself closer to him, somehow finding myself chest to chest with him and my fingers grazed his collarbone. I ached to hold him, to give him life, and that’s what I was going to do, even if apart of me still believed that I should despise his very soul.

Pressing my forehead to his I breathed heavily, my calf brushing his. I inhaled and in the small amount of space between his now bare stomach and mine covered one I pressing my palms flat to his abs. The hard muscles was freezing beneath my skin and my breathing shuddered. Heat seared my fingertips and I gasped, it stung. He jerked beneath my Fire’s shift from my body to his. Trembling uncontrollably, the warmth I’d felt from my Element slowly vanished as all my power was directed to sparking his back up again. 

Exhaustion hit me full force and I had to try and drag myself from the swallowing darkness, I felt a tug and then the relief as my flames leapt back, glowing steadily in my being, as strongly as they had before. Brann’s chest rose and fell, rhythmically, with mine. I slid my hands from his tempting skin and wrapped them around myself. Attempting to get to my hands and knees I faltered and dropped back down, fully worn out. Brann now lay contently on his back, and as I fell the short distance my cheek rested on his shoulder, hair fanning over my shoulder and brushing his skin. My arm draped over his midsection while the other crooked out awkwardly. My legs splayed out away from him, looking as if I’d tripped and fallen on him. 

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