I listened into Amara’s convosation with Damon, and I could hear how much it was hurting her. Once I heard her put down the phone I went back in. “Amara I am sorry for hurting you, but it is really important that you are here,”

              “It’s fine well I am fine, well you know sort of,” She smiled a sad smile before turning around and walking away. I thought it would be better for her to be left alone, so I picked up my phone and went back to my apartment.

         Before I even got chance to shut the door behind me, Hannah was already asking questions. “Did you let her call Damon?” She asked.

          “Yes she called him and they talked,”

“How is she?” She was worried.

             “Well I am no girl but she did seem upset as was he, it was a side to Damon I have never seen or heard before,” She punched my chest.

                “You are such a man, I am going to go see her and then unpack,” She left the apartment leaving me. I hated when she did that, it reminded me of when I first met her and she was taken away from me.

          I had just met her and we started hanging out a lot and I am obviously a lot older, when her Dad found out he hid her away from me. I found it so hard to live without her, but unlike other stories I had heard I wasn’t slowly dying.

             I only managed to actually mark her a week ago, it was the best thing ever.


When I knocked on Amara’s door there was no answer and I worried, so I continued to knock but there was still no answer.

        “Hi Hannah I’m glad you have finally arrived Dante was driving me crazy,” Sophie joked.

           “Yeah I am to, I missed him so much,” I tried to act like I was happy but how can I be if I know I might not see my family again, and I felt so sorry for Amara.

      “Hannah what’s wrong?” She asked putting her hand on my shoulder.

            “Well this is the first time I have been away from my Dad and I miss him, and I also hate it that we all get to see our mates bar Amara.”

       “Don’t be upset you will see your Dad again and he knows your safe. Amara is a strong girl she will be able to put up with this,”

            “NO She won’t you are just like him, do none of you know how it feels to bee pulled away from someone you love more than anything. Go on knock on her door, she won’t answer.” Sophie knocked on the door and surprise, surprise there was no answer.

              “Hannah you know that you and Amara are the only ones that are different here, plus you are human and Amara has been a human for so long,”

            “That has nothing to do with it; we all know she is not really needed here. Dante just wanted her to prove a point to everyone else,”

         “Have you heard yourself – Dante is your mate you should not question him.”

            “What so now I have no rights, like back before ww2,”

“No but he is your mate it shouldn’t matter what he is doing, whether right on wrong,”

         “That’s it to all of you what he is doing is right, but to me this is wrong.” I stopped speaking when I saw Amara’s door open.

           “Hannah can you come in here please,” She said. I nodded and followed her in, she locked the door behind me.

                      “Amara are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes and no,” She mumbled.

           “What’s wrong?” I asked pulling her in for a hug.

“I miss him so much he is all I think about, I am so confused.”

           “About what?”

“Why I am here, what you were talking about out there,”

          “Come sit down and I will tell you why you are here,” She sat down and pulled the leather jacket around her tighter.   


I was sat down waiting for Hannah to come back. When the door slammed open. “Dante Hannah has lost it, she was questioning you and shouting about how everyone else here has their mate but Amara,”

         “What?” I thought I sorted that out with the phone call.

“Yeh I tried to get her to calm down and I said that Amara could handle it but it made it worse,”

          “Jesus you really know how to mess things up don’t you, so where is she?” I asked needing to sort this out.

            “In Amara’s room, I tried to get in but the door was lock and there is some sort of spell on it,” She mumbled.

         “Great,” I stormed off towards apartment 26.

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