Chapter 4 Ridleys pov

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Oh my Goddess. The boys are back.

At first id been so happy to see them. But then the memories had come back. When they left. The fights. The Bruises. The Heart break. All the memories when they were gone. Leaving me in the Dark. Only Poppy had been there. Thats when i went Dark for the first time.

I was runnig straight out of the mall and away from reality. I couldnt sense anyone following but still i never slowed down. I ran and ran. I didnt see anything but a wild blur. when i stopped i didnt know where i was at first. Then it hit me. My old Woods...

I was at my fathers old house. Were i had first gone after the Darkness. Oh of course. This is were my new life had started...

     I had been running through the woods in wolf form and had stumbled upon a girl my age lying naked in the dirt.

'Are you allright' I had asked. Not changing into human form.

The girl had whimpered and cowered into a tiny ball. Her eyes opend to see an enormous Black brown wolf with electric blue eyes staring back. She straitend and tried to scream but her body wouldnt follow her commands.

I changed to half and half form and quickly ran to her side. She lookd to me with both fear and hope. Thats when i had realized what had happend. She was a wolf who haddnt had training and had just woken up lying in the dirt. I Knew the feeling.

"Are you hurt?" I asked around my razor sharp canines.

"Yes." She had replied weakly.

"What happend child?"

"I dont remember."

I had only been 14 at the time but i had recently gaind the gift of healing. I gently moved the arm shed been cradling and noticed the bite marks. Ah. So she was Changed. Not born this way.

"Ill take care of you." I said," What is your name?"


"No. Not who you were. Who ARE you? Now?"

"... Kestrel." She replied. Looking amazed at herself.

"Very well. I am Ridley."

"Thank you. " She had said. Then passed out. I Had carried her back to my fathers home, Cleaned her, Clothed her, and then called Poppy. That was how we had lost the tittle of rouges and started a Pack.

        As i came back to the present i smiled and glaced around. SO much had changed here as well. The old oaks were fallen and dead. The ivy and thorns had taken over. Just as they had done me.

I laughed at nothing at all and fell to the ground in a heap. I curled up into a ball and passed out.


Hours later id awoke in unfamiliar arms. I looked up dazed and still a bit out of it. What had happend??? I asked myself.

I Noticed a platnum blond head and extreamly blue eyes. A girl.

"Who are you?" I asked quietly.

"HUsh. It is alright. I am Amphitrite. All is well. Who are you?" The girl asked politly.

" I am Herra." I said automatticly. Wtf?

"No child. Not who were you. Who ARE you?" SHe asked just as i had that first night years ago.

"Ridley. Please. I can walk." I demanded.

"VEry well Ridley" SHe said my name a bit sarcasticly.

I glared at her as i got my footing. She and i were alone and not far from where id been lying in the dirt.

" Who are you." I demandded. Not so politly.

"Im sorry. Im Amphitrite. You are wolf. Yes?"

"Yes. As are you. " It wasnt a question but she replied,


"What are you doing here?"

"Well I should ask you the same. You seem worried. But what ran you into my Wood?"

"YOUR Wood?" I replied before thinking.

"Yes. I Know theyd been yours but they are mine now. Surley you recognize me. You had sold this land to my parents."

Yes. I do remember. But then we had been so young and she had not been this beautiful. When my father had left i had almost imediantly sold the place to a nice family with a daughter who could enjoy my Wood as much as i had.

"Yes. I am sorry. Ill be leaving now i supose."

"You dont have to. You are allways welcome here. We have no Pack and you are safe."



"Ive been there. I Dont supose YOU would ever like to meet my Pack?" I asked befor i could stop myself. We need more members and im terrible with not looking into their background befor acceting them.

"Oh! Id love to! I mean. THat would be wonderful." she sayed slightly embarased.

"Well i dont know when i will see any of them again but if you look for my Alpha- Judas Martini- and tell him i sent you, I garentee they will treat you well."

"Why do you not know when youll see them again?" She asked confused.

"Thats anouther thing. Could you tell him i said im sorry and that ive got to go away for a while. And that i will be back." i aksed hopefully.

"Oh! Oh my! Of course. Yes i can do that. Not a worry.Anything else?"

"Yes. make sure they know that i dont want them looking for me." And then i was gone. I ran fast enough that no one could chase me.

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