The Explanation.

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I was lead into the front room and took a seat next to Patrick on the couch. Andy and Joe were sat on bean bags playing Xbox while Pete took a seat in an armchair as far away from me as possible. Freak. Patrick coughed slightly, catching Joe and Andy's attention, and gestured for them to pay attention. They did so quickly and I frowned.

"Are you like their leader or something?" I asked turning to him still frowning.

"No." Pete said from across the room.

"So why do they all listen to you?" I asked still addressing Patrick.

"I'm not their leader it's just by chance that I seem to be arranging everything today. Some days it's Andy, some days it's Joe. Hell even Pete has days." Patrick said waving a hand.

"Oh I bet they're fun days." I said, sarcasm dripping from every word.

"Patrick you should control you're new friend otherwise she might end up getting hurt." Pete hissed.

"You should try addressing me jerkwad! I'm sat right here. If you've got a problem with me say it to me not to him you douche!" I yelled back.


"No! Not Patrick! Wednesday. Go on Pete say what you want but to me this time yeah? Or are you too frightened?!"

Suddenly Pete's head snapped to me and he was on his feet walking towards me with anger burning in his gaze. Joe and Andy got up to stop him but he just threw them aside like dolls. Joe hit the wall and slumped to the ground. Andy landed on the table in the corner of the room. I'll admit I was a little freaked out but I wasn't going to back down so I stood up to face him.

He was a short boy, only 5 foot 7, but he was still taller than me, being 5 foot 5, and so still managed to look down on me which is more annoying than I thought it'd be.

"You'd do well to watch your mouth little girl." He snapped at me.

"Little?! I'm almost 19! You'd do well to shut the hell up and stop acting like such a douche." I spat back.

His eyes narrowed and his mouth opened slightly but before he could say anything else Patrick was in front of me frowning.

"Pete go sit back down. We don't need you handling this." he said curtly.

"Why am I even here?!" he yelled back but did as he said.

"Because I'm going to need you to explain the difficult bit. Now go. Sit down."

I heard Pete mumble but took no notice of him. I sat back down with Patrick and eyed the two guys. Andy was up and was rubbing his shoulder while glaring at Pete, Joe on the other hand wasn't moving. In fact he hadn't moved since he hit that wall. I stood up and went over to him, rolling him onto his back. His nose was bleeding but that was it. Pete had just knocked him out. I tried to lift Joe to get him to sit up but man that guy was heavy! I settled for rolling him onto his side into the recovery position and sat by him on the floor. Pete glared at me but I just ignored him and turned back to Patrick.

"What are you doing?" Patrick asked frowning.

"He's been knocked out because of someone," I said shooting Pete a glance. "So I'm going to sit with him to make sure he's alright." I explained.

Patrick smiled and leant back on the couch. Andy wandered over and joined him.

"Okay. If you want one there's a beanbag just beside you." Andy said happily, the previous events already forgotten.

"Thanks. Anyway. Will someone please explain why I'm here and why I can't go home?"

"Right. That'll be me then. You remember going to visit your parents yeah?" Patrick started.

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