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You might think that it sucks, I don't know. It's short and it's SO late. Hopefully people still read this or are waiting for it. Updates will be quicker, I promise. I was lacking inspiration, but now I have some so that's good. Uh, yeah, enjoy?

Seven Weeks Later.

“You’re saying that you only watched Saturday Night Live because you heard Gilly was one of the skits?” Louis looks up at me from his cup of tea, something that I didn’t even know we had in the house, but we did, so I made some for him, texting my mom throughout the process because I’ve never made tea in my life, the taste doesn’t settle well with me. “You didn’t watch it because we were on it? Did you even watch us perform?” I don’t know why they're here, why they're all here and not just Harry, not that I'm complaining, they’ve begun to accept the fact that Harry wants me no matter what the cost is publicly, but I haven’t seen them in five weeks and I didn’t anticipate them wanting to tag along.

They’ve been much more supportive, keeping the two of us as secret as possible, Harry and I never really going out on a date, because the family owned restaurant after closing doesn’t actually count as a date. But, it doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want to go to fancy restaurants, I don’t want to look at a menu and only look at the salads because he claims he wants to spoil me, I don’t want to be spoiled – I just want him to be around. It’s been nice, having someone to talk to, even if he calls me at five in the morning because he doesn’t realize that there’s a time difference. No one knows about us, no one besides our families and closest friends, and that’s fine with me, I don’t need to flaunt my relationship.

Knitting my eyebrows together, I plop down on the couch besides Niall, cringing as he shoves his hand in the bag of potato chips, he’s on his second bag already and it is so gross. “I watched Saturday Night Live that night because I watch it all the time? Besides, Gilly is the best skit on the show now.” I know there’s an argument about this about to start, about why I wouldn’t watch it for them, but they know I knew nothing about them, only that they were the new obsession of almost every girl in the world, and nothing more. Deep down, I know it’s why Harry and I are together, that if I knew about him before, he wouldn’t have pursued me; he knows that I like him for who he is and not what he is.

“She knows she enjoyed it.” Liam cuts in, adding his opinion to the conversation, nodding his head as he winks in my direction, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. “She enjoyed looking at Harry the most, yeah?”

Raising an eyebrow, I feel my cheeks warm with a blush, because my eyes did focus on him when they were performing, even though I didn’t know his name, he intrigued me, though I never found the motivation to look up more about him. “Louis is butt hurt because I wanted to watch Gilly and that’s why I watched Saturday Night Live when you guys were on it.” I knew he was going to ask for an explanation before he even sat down beside me, holding a water bottle in his hand, the questioning look in his eyes said it all.

Nodding his head, he holds his hand out to the side, over my legs, silently offering me a sip of his drink, and I shake my head in response, not thirsty. “The only reason you continued to watch Saturday Night Live after Gilly was on is because you wanted to see us perform again.” We’re not the couple that has to be lip locked the entire time we see each other. We’re not the couple that makes everyone else in the room uncomfortable by pretending we’re the only two people there. We’re not the couple that finds the need to shove our love in everyone’s face.

“You caught me.” Shrugging my shoulders, I let them fall back down, leaning my body against his gently, not putting all my weight on him, only some of it, fighting back a smile as he slides his arm behind my back and rests his hand on my hip. “I just loved you guys so much it was crazy. I loved Louis and his suspenders; oh, and Zayn and his quiff. I especially loved Niall’s dance moves and Liam’s voice.” Frowning, Harry looks down at me, sticking his tongue out like a child, obviously upset that I purposely left him out. “Fine and I loved Harry and the facial expression he made when Zayn poked his cheek.” Grinning, I lift my finger up, poking his cheek like Zayn did, laughing softly.

Scowling, Harry sighs, knowing that’s all he is going to get, at least in front of everyone, there’s no need for people to hear us get all starry-eyed and such. I never wanted to be that girl, the girl who needs to have her boyfriend around in order to feel okay, to feel happy, but I'm always happier when he’s here or when we Skype or when we’re on the phone or texting, it feels nice to have him here, for me. It’s nice to know that he’s going to come back for me, that I’d be willing to go wherever he is to surprise him. I can be happy when we’re not talking or when he’s not here, it’s just nice, we’re a good couple, we know everything about each other, yet there aren’t any dull moments between us.

I'm terrified that something’s going to go wrong; that he’s going to fall out of love with me, that he’s going to find someone better, that he’s going to realize that I'm not good enough for him, that he’s going to think that there’s no reason he has to continue to travel to see me. We’re good together, I know that; he loves me, I know that. But, I can’t help but worry that something is going to happen that tears the two of us apart and I'm left hurt while he simply finds someone else, someone so much better than I am.

“Let’s play truth or dare.” Niall suggests, a mouthful of chips in his mouth, yet he pronounces the five words perfectly, as if he’s had practice speaking with food in his mouth, which I don’t doubt that he hasn’t. The five of us, especially Liam, looks at Niall with an exasperated sigh, groaning loudly at his proposal, not knowing where this will take us. “Oh, come on, lads, live a little. You love this game. Rowan, what are you afraid of?” His accent isn’t like the others’, it’s unique, he’s unique, and it’s one of my favorite things about him.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I turn my body to the side to face him, my back facing the arm of the couch, my right shoulder leaning on Harry’s chest behind me. “I'm not choosing dare when I play with you five. Who knows what I would have to do? And honestly, I haven’t played truth or dare since middle school.” They all look at me, confused, knowing that our schooling is different than theirs, but not knowing exactly what age I was in middle school. “I was fourteen the last time I played this game.”

Sliding his arm back around my waist, Harry tugs me closer to him, wanting me to sit with my back against the couch so we can cuddle as subtly as we could in front of people, he looks at Louis, raising an eyebrow. “I think we should play. We haven’t played since Australia.” My boyfriend and his best friends play truth or dare in their free time like it’s not a game for children, because they’re that cool. “Rowan, just pick truth each time.”

“That’s boring!” It’s the first time Zayn looked up from his cell phone, the first time in a long time, and it was at the worst time ever, because Niall, Louis, and Liam agreed with him, though I know that Liam was planning to do that, to avoid dares at all costs. He’s Daddy Direction and I'm Mamma Direction, according to Louis; “But you can’t be together because Harry would go bonkers on the wanker for stealing you away,” he would say.

Sighing, I run a hand through my hair, lolling my head back, hitting it against the couch, stretching my legs out in front of me until my feet are resting against the contour of the coffee table in front of me. “We’re not doing anything too extreme, okay? This is my house and my parents will kill all of us if they come home from the tournament tonight and the house is a mess. And I'm choosing truth the entire time. You’re not stopping me.”

“Rowan, truth.” Louis looks at me with a triumphant smile on his face, causing me to roll my eyes as I nod my head, waiting for his question. “How far have you and Harry gone? He won’t tell us.”

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