Chapter Four

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Nine Years Old

Liam tightened his scarf around his neck. He adjusted his coat a little better. He looked at himself in his mother's long mirror. The perfect outfit for playing in the snow. He leaped down the stairs and went straight to the back yard. He found his two sisters already out. Nicola and Ruth were building a snowman, actually just then adding the finishing touches. Liam bounded over to them, struggling in the deep snow. He played with his sisters for a while. They were getting along unusually well. Typically there would be a large dispute over something. But for the time being, there was none. 

An hour later, Emily came over. Since Ruth and Emily were in the same year, they had become good friends. But Liam was still Emily's friend. He just had to share her with Ruth. Emily and Ruth were giggling about something in their maths class while Liam sat to the side, out of the conversation. Nicola had gone inside earlier and Liam felt left out. 

" wanna go see the tree?" Liam asked. They had not been to the tree in weeks. Every since Ruth and Emily became closer Liam had taken the backseat in everything. So there was little time now for Liam and Emily to hang out like they used to. 

"Um...maybe later, Liam. Me and Ruth were about to go ding dong ditch the boys down the street!" Emily said giggling. Ruth joined in on the giggling and the two girls sprinted out from the backyard and towards the street...leaving Liam alone.


And thus it began. Emily and Liam began the long and painful journey of drifting apart. Liam still would look out his window and see Emily in her room. But instead of butterfly wings and princess crowns it's change to playing music and looking at her computer. There's really nothing for Liam to smile about anymore. He can't look out his window and smile at something cute Emily was doing.

Liam was suddenly feeling something different than what he would usually feel around Emily. He used to get those butterflies .and his palms would be sweaty and his breaths would be shallow. But now his heart hurts when he looks at her. He remembers all the times Emily ditches Liam for Ruth or to go ding dong ditch a boy. He feels sad when his conversations with her get cut short. He misses Emily.


Emily and Ruth were in Ruth's room across the hall from Liam's. They were giggling about something, Liam can never tell. So Liam tries to become Emily's friend again. He opens Ruth's bedroom door farther than just cracked. He let's himself in. Emily and Ruth just stare at him. He waves and closes the door behind him.

"Whatcha guys up to?" He asks with a weak smile. They just stare at him. Silence.

"What are you doing in my room??" Ruth asked, quite rudely, too. Liam shuffled his feet and looked at the ground. When he looked back up to the two girls he spoke.

"I just thought I might be able to hang out with you guys. I'm kinda bored." Liam told them. More staring. More Silence. Suddenly Ruth desperately tried to hold in her burst of laughter. Emily started to giggle. Liam felt bad again. 

"Liam just go play with your stupid action figures or something. Emily and I are hanging out." Ruth told him. Liam's heart sank. He met Emily's eyes. She was agreeing with Ruth. There was no compassion in her eyes for her used-to-be best friend. Liam just nodded and ducked out of the room. Before he closed the door spoken words sent a chill up his spine.

"He's so annoying!" Emily said. 

"He's so annoying!" Emily said.

It felt as though someone punched Liam in the gut. He closed the door behind him and rushed to his room, careful not to slam it in case the girls thought he was overreacting. He felt tears pushing there way to the brink of his eyes but he did everything he could no to cry. Since when did Emily find Liam annoying?! Just last year Emily and Liam were the best of friends...heading to the pool together...and going to the everything has shifted. Emily no longer sees Liam as his friend. Because now Liam realizes he'll always just be the boy next door.

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