"So this was the rogue you reported last night? " He raised a hairy brow, arms crossed and shoulders tense. Something tells me that in one second he's going Hulk if he continues this longer.

I shrugged, making amused eyes stare at me expectantly.

"Yes," The bald man confirmed. " She was found unconscious near your son's party, alpha. " The bald man, aka the beta entwined his fingers and placed them under his pointy chin. " I'm afraid, that one was or might got attacked tonight."

He snorted," I don't think she's a threat, I mean look at her. She's weak! " Pointing an accusing finger at me. One that many of her 'people' doOh why must humans do that to me, it seems like it's a well known habit that almost every person I meet, have.

I scrunched my button nose and stared down my lap. So mean.

I merely smirked, a really cold one. Anger biled up to my head till red was seen through both of my eyes. " That's not my fault isn't it?" I then continued, " I doubt my pack will look after me. After all like you said i'm weak." I spat.

" You have a pack!" The beta rose.

Silence took over and soon it exploded.

"Why are you here?"

"What's your name?"

"Are you alone?"

" Are there others?"

"Are you goi-"

" SILENCE! " The alpha roared. His iron fist thumped against the ecru colored wall. It took one word to make the council quiet down. All of them looked down as embarrassment shown on their cheeks.


The alpha ordered for me to tell everything I know to him the very next day, without the pesky nosy bastards. It wasn't that hard to tell my childhood, I wasn't the type to hold a grudge.

I told my melodrama life from as far as I can remember to the moment they found me. Huh, why not write a novel about it? I mused. I felt like someone was already delineating my every move.

The alpha took me in, showed me to the pack and toured around. It was almost as if the gods decided to bless me and finally give me the acceptance I deserved, no matter how weird and instantly it came.



" -or name?" 

Kat snapped back into reality and dumbly said, "Huh?"

The alpha chuckled. "Your name," He said, very slowly.

She blinked processing in what he said. "O-oh! I'm Kat, at your service!" Grinning, while enjoying the food that was given to her.

Dang! This was probably the best batch of french fries she swallowed!


 " And this is your new house!" The alpha exclaimed. 

Kat's jaw dropped, this is all hers? " No way! Are you serious?". 

He grinned and repeated, " Really, really." He paused and stepped out. " I leave you to it."

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and calmly walked away.

" Thank you, alpha!" She shouted. He raised his hand and pointed his index and middle finger to the sky in a farewell salute. " Call me Dave, Kat. Bye." Then he went all ' now you see me, now you don't .'

 Taking a deep breath, she stepped in.


Despite the impressive amount of space, Kat seemed to be having trouble moving things around.

 "Shoot!" Kat cursed. As she struggled to push her newly ordered table, courtesy from 'the alpha's' credit card. It had limited amount of money, just enough to buy everything for her to settle in.

 Just as she gave all of her strength to move the table that was currently stuck, a ding was heard. 





"Alright, alright! Give me a freaking second!" She screeched. Stomping all the way to the front door.

Kat grabbed the handle and literally cracked it open. "Now, who do you think yo-"


Kat bumped to a hard chest, landed painfully on her butt and found herself staring at the most angelic faces she had ever seen.

Why do you feel?

Even though you're numb.

Why are you smilling?

You're breaking.

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