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I pulled immediately away from him, a promonate blush spreading across my cheeks. I could see them from the corner of my eye, but I was too abashed to make eye contact with the bunch, after being caught red-handed sharing a kiss like that with the enemy himself. I swallowed, mouth falling open, and lifted my head up. Exposed. Horrified.

I wasn't sure if they would be amused or disturbed. However, Loki seemed completely at ease, as if he planned for everyone to see him kissing me like that, just to show his power. Maybe it was a guy thing. Loki turned towards them, and I buried my face in my hands, shaking my head. He seemed almost proud, the way he grinned triumphantly. "Hello, all. Wasn't expecting to see you here." He said, a snarky edge to his voice.

Unable to look up, I simply listened. Someone shifted on their feet, but the sound was muffled, as it stopped quickly. "You lost, Loki." Tony growled, and I turned my back to everyone, moving my hands down and taking a deep breath. Oh, why. Why, why, why. A small part of me thought Loki planned that one for sure, judging on how perfect it was set up, and how victorious he looked. However, I knew he was just as surprised on the inside as I was. As stated earlier in our conversation, he didn't expect to lose. Nevertheless, looking at him now, anyone would have thought it was all just another part of his plan; even me. And maybe it was.

Loki chuckled. "Oh, losing is but a state of mind, Stark." He replied easily, his voice silky. He sounded as if he had won, but I could detect a small hint of anger under his tone. He hated having lost, and I knew it. The emotion was just hidden deep under many layers of persuasion.

I could practically hear Tony purse his lips. "Be that as it may, you lost. Where you'll be going after this won't just be a state of mind, either."

I took a deep breath, turning around, hands on my hips. The bickering like children was beginning to help me feel less like a fool. I let my breath out fast through my mouth. "Welp, this is nice and all, but-"

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