I moaned from the tapping sun-light against my face, wondered how long I'd been sleeping. I blinked shut my eyes and blinked again I yawned and sat up on the bed stretching my arms, I looked at the clock it was 6:00am man I woke up early and I am thinking about doing a little revenge time to Dustin oh this is going to be fun I got up and crepped out of my room and saw Dustin's I slowly made contact with the cold door handle I twisted it and opened it as slowly as possible, I opened the door and saw him snoring on the bed fast asleep I shut the door behind me without making a sound. I slowly went into his bathroom I opened the little draw he had I took out his shaving cream I went back into the room I put some on his hand I grabbed his phone and put it on a random rockstar song Dustin literally jumped out of bed with all of the shaving cream on his face from trying to protect himself I laughed and ran out of the room I could hear him say something like Oh I'm gonna get you for this, I went back into my room and got into the bathroom stripped out my clothes and stepped into the shower the warm water hit my face the way I like it once I was done I wrapped a towel around me and went out now what to wear I saw a purple zipper sleeve thermal top oh I know what can go with that I took out a pair of dark blue straight jeans I wore on my underwear and my bra I put on top my clothes I looked not so bad today I quickly curled my hair today I don't know why I never curl my hair but I felt like it after that I wore brown eyeliner with clear lipgloss perfect and to top of my outfit i pulled out my denimjacket and purple converses. I went downstairs and saw Dustin sitting there he looked ok he was eating his breakfast I went and sat next to him ummmm they made me  pancakes, I began eating I could feel Dustin's gaze on me you could tell he was looking at me in disguist somehow oh I have an idea.

"Dustin would you forgive me if I let you drive my car for 1 week". I looked at Dustin and gave him a smile as far as I knew my brother he would give in easily.

"What do you think just cause if you let me drive your car for 1 week I would forgive you gheez". He crossed his arms and turned the other way.

"Two weeks then". He turned around this time

"One month".

"Deal" He smiled and hugged me yep that's my brother

"Thanks and you know you didn't have to right". 

"Oh but you and I both know that I did have to". He started eating and I started eating we both finished and left the house I went out the house with Dustin on my trail , I stepped outside the sun was shining in my face, what a horrible weather, we both went to the car and jumped in my car smelt like me which was the smell of vanilla and rose I put my seatbelt on and Dustin started to the car and of we went maybe this is a good time to tell Dustin that I know that i'm a hybrid.

  "Dustin dad told me you know". Luckily it was red light so we could have a real conversation he looked at me then back at the steering wheel.

"Yeh I know that's why I left the other day because dad wanted to tell you about it..........so how you taking it then?" 

"I'm taking it pretty well I guess but I never expected me to be a hybrid, dad and Tyler to be a werewolf and for me to have a sister". 

"Yeh I was taking it really badly when dad told me I stayed in my room for atleast 3 weeks because I was scared of him". The light turned green and Dustin started driving wow and he's supposed to be a guy.

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