Wolf Forgotten

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Peytan's POV

He didn't remember me. What am I supposed to do? I could feel my heart breaking every time I thought of it. At this moment I didn't care if Zachia was trying to kill me or use me, at this moment I would welcome death with open arms. I t had to be less painful than this, than having your mate not know who you are, your whole world crushed in front of you. I couldn't stop the flood of tears that came upon me even if I wanted to. I just wanted this pain to go away. I wanted to feel nothing. To be numb to all this pain.

"Why do I have to feel?" I asked myself.

-It's what makes you different from Zachia. He doesn't feel so he can't love. Anymore that is.-

-What do you mean anymore.-

-He loved once. He loved us the first time when were born we weren't supposed to be an angel or a legend and come back every few years. We were a regular werewolf. Zachia was our mate. He loved us with all his heart.- I was shocked. This was a new story I was hearing.

-WHat happened? Why did he become so filled with hatered?-

-We died in a fight with rogues. We were mistaken for being a rogue when we were just in the neighboring pack coming to help. We had been asked to go by their Alpha. We ended up being killed as soon as we stepped foot on their land. Zachia felt that our death had been on purpose. He swore he would avenge our death by killing that entire pack. He went mad with rage and ended up killing more then just that pack. That's when I came back as the were-angel we are known as today. I banished Zachia even though it broke my heart to do so. now he is determined to make up for it and get me back as his mate. He trys to get me to come, but I refuse and he goes crazy and his rogues end up killing us all the time so we can't find our mate and make a new bond- This was crazy.

-So what now? Is he our true mate or is Leigh?-His name brought tears to my eyes.

-Leigh is our mate of this life. Zachia is our true mate. If he was ever brought out of his banishment we would feel the mate pull to him as well.-

As well? You mean that we would have two mates?-


-How is that even possible?-

-Every were is born with a mate. I was born with Zachia. You were born with many different mates. Because you are always reborn with a different body, but not a different personality or name. It's always Patricia.-

-Peytan. It's Peytan. I got renamed when I was put in the orphanig.-

-To protect you-

-Right. Di anyone know this-

-No. I kept it in but this is the longest I've been able to talk to you.-

-Leigh protected me.- I cryed more thinking about him.

-There's a reason for everything-

-What's the reason for him not recognizing me?-

-His wolf knows. His wolf doesn't want him to know. He made him forget-

-Knows what?-

-That we aren't true mates. You are his true mate, but i'm not. It breaks his heart. His wolf doesn't want that to happen. Forgetting is easier for him.-

-I don't want to forget. I don't want to lose him.- I shook my head, tears running down my face as I thought about it. I could never live through that.

-I don't want to either. I have a connection with him not as large as yours, but I know I still love him even if Zachia was here first.-

-What can I do to bring him back?-

-There's not much. He'll remember everything, until he met you. He'll know why he's in this town, but you're going to have to start over from day one in that school office.-

-Ok I'll do anything to get him back.- I stood from my spot on the floor. My eyes were still filled with unshed tears.

I heard a rustling coming from my right. I turn to see a group of rogues only they aren't in wolf form. I growled at them. The one in front put his hand up and smiled at me.

"Whoa there angel. We aren't trying to kill you. We just want you to come with us."

"And why would I do that?"

"To forget the pain. I know what happened with your mate." I looked away. He smiled more.

"So what do you say?" He held out a hand to me. "What to forget?"

-Peytan. Don't do this. If you go you can never come back. You'll never get him back.- Acia warned me, but I knew I would never get him anyways.

I nooded and reached out to the man;s hand. His smile grew as I put my hand in his much larger one. He, and the rest of the group, took me deep into the forest till we ended up in a camp looking place. I guess they lived here.

"Hey Zach! We have a visitor!" The man called out.

-Damn it Peytan! I thought you wanted Leigh.- Acia growled in my mind.

-It's not going to work between us you know that, I know it, and Leigh's wolf knows it.-

-So you're going to him?-

-It can't be that bad.-

-That's where you're wrong. It's the best. You aren't meant to survive when you're with him.-

-What do you mean?-

-This happened once before. You went to him. You both died in an attack by your other mate two days later. I don't know what will happen this time, but it won't be good.-

-I can never be happy can I?-

-It's not that. I guess we just never did it right in the past.-

A man came from the surrounding trees. He had black hair that covered his emerald green eyes. I got lost in his eyes even from this far away. He was tall and his chest was perfectly defined. He was drop dead gorgous. When he saw me he smiled. His smile was bright and welcoming.

"Patrica." He breathed.

"It was changed to Peytan."

"Of course, but I always remember you as Partica." he smiled warmly at me. I smiled back.


so she's trying to forget Leigh. And secrets that no one else knew from the past have been brought up. dun dun dunnnnnnn. How long will it take for her to forget Leigh??? I guess we will find out.

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