“We’ll tell them at dinner tonight.” Jake says, making circles on my wrist with his thumb.

            “Yea.” I say softly, taking off my ring and sliding it into my pocket.

            He smiles and we both get out and get our bags and gifts out of the back of the rental car. We walk to the front door and it is thrown open and hands begin grabbing at the gifts.

            “No way! I haven’t gotten to shake any of mine yet!” I whine as they begin shaking them with their ears to the box. “MOM!” I yell and they stack them back onto the pile in my arms and take off running.

            “O! You’re here!” mom says wiping her hands off onto a towel and running to us.

            She takes half of my stack and we walk into the living room where the tree sits, it’s light illuminating the room.  We set the presents underneath it and she wraps me into a hug.

            “How have you been Darling?” she asks when she has pulled away.

            “Great, how have things been here?”

            She gives me a look that says “don’t even ask” and I laugh.

            “You know it gets this time of year. I should get a few guard dogs to put out by the tree.” She says.

            The oven dings and she runs to check on the ham. I walk upstairs and am scooped up over someone’s should and they bounce my up and down, as if I am a present they need to shake.

            “Hmmmm… anything in here?” Alex says and my ring falls from my pocket.

            “Alex!” I say squirming in his arms as someone bends down slowly and picks it up.

            “What is this?” Lucus asks when he has straightened.

            Alex turns around and his eyes go wide and he puts me down.

            “O shit.” His whispers and runs into Emily’s room.

            “What is this?” he asks again, his voice soft and slow.

            “Nothing.” I whisper looking at the floor.

            One of the doors open and Brendon walks out and sees us. “O yea, Lucus is here Tayy.” He says walking past us, only to be jerked into Em’s room quickly and the door shuts again.

            “You’re marrying him aren’t you.” he says, his voice angry.

            “You weren’t supposed to be here Lucus.” I whisper and he laughs bitterly.

            “So you were going to come here, with me not here and make me find out from the others?”

            I don’t say anything and he glares at me.

            “How can you marry him? We have loved each other since you moved here.” he asks.

            “That’s not true.”

            “O, and why not? Don’t tell me you stopped loving me when you started going out with him because we both know you would be lying.”

            I remain quiet and tears sting my eyes.

            “You gave up, you were the one who started seeing other people, you were the one who stopped trying.” I whisper.

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