Chapter 8

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Arriving at the gates of warped tour I showed my pass and went through to where the tour busses were. "Go find a spot next to another tent in the main park" I sighed and went out to where the stages were I looked around and noticed a tent that had a space next to it "I guess that will do" it was at the side of the stage which was fine for me because I could see the bands going on stage and still hear the them whilst we were at the merch tent. The guy in the next tent was hanging up merch on the back wall. He looked over at me "Hey you alright?" 

"Hey yeah fine just saving this space for Escape The Fate's tent" I smiled at him

"Ow cool! So you're their merch girl yeah?"

"Yeah I guess so" He smiled at me he had huge stretched ears and he had even stretched his nose piercings. 

"Well my names Kuza" he put his hand out for me to shake 

"Nice to meet you I'm Lexi, so who do you sell merch for?"

"Vampires Everywhere!"

"Aww I know who you mean I think I've met them before" Cassie soon turned up with a backpack and someone I really didn't expect to see. "Matt what are you doing here?" I gasped 

"My bands playing and I've known Cassie for a while" 

"Oh you know each other?" Matt put his head down 

"I'll go get some more boxes" He walked off 

"Cassie how long have you known Matt?" she laughed 

"Not as long as he thinks, his girlfriends my sister" I stared at her as she unpacked the tent. Cassie was Abigails sister! I shook the thought out of my head as Matt returned with the last few boxes of shirts. "Matt I can take it from here" I took the boxes from him and walked back over to Cassie. Kuza had lended us a table from his van we were unprepared and didn't think about getting a table for some odd reason. "We had hired a van to drive around in but it still hadn't arrived from the depot which meant we had to carry all of our stuff around which was effort in this heat.

The afternoon was long and hard and I still hadn't seen Craig or Max around which was probably a good thing. It took hours to set up the merch for tomorrow I bloody hoped I was getting paid for this! Seeing as I'd have to do this the day before every single show. "Right let's go back to the hotel and get ready to go out" I smiled for the first time all day. We put the cover down over the tent and locked it up "Hey you hitting the town later?" Kuza shouted from his tent.

"Yeah we are, where should we go, we don't really know whats around here" He passed us a leaflet from his backpack and left. "The North Rock" I showed it to Cassie "Ahh yeah all the bands are going here tonight for the Warped opening party it's a private event so we will need our lanyards" I nodded "Well what are we waiting for" we headed back to our hotel to get ready. 

My Mum had bought me loads of new clothes for warped. I personally think it was a bribe to make me go, but it worked. I grabbed some Leather pants and a long Iron Maiden top that I had cut up a bit. I grabbed my brand new heels that my Mum had bought me because I kept pinching hers. They were the same make, Jeffery Campbells but had studs all over. Oh and they were White not Black I grabbed my bowler hat and placed it over my long straight hair before doing my  make up. Cassie was wearing a short PVC skirt and a Amore skull tee. We took a few pics on instagram before heading out to meet Escape The Fate. 

"Omg Cassie I don't want to see Max"

"Well you can't exactly avoid him, he's your Mum's boyfriend and you're selling merch for him" I bit my lip as I could see them aproaching. Max smiled at us I smiled back "Can I have a word?" I gulped and nodded Cassie and the others started walking into Philli. "I know we slept together" 

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