What a Horrible Title

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Chapter 1:

This story begins with a girl. Living a normal 12 year old life: School, Friends, and lots of drama..

"Honestly honey, you need to put that book down!" My mother is a very easily worried person. I roll my eyes and replied, "Mom. Nobody's ever died reading a book! First you want me to read more, now I'm reading too much? Make up your mind!"

She raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms, daring me to say another word.

"Kidding." I say, sheepishly. She smiles and goes back to cooking dinner.

When we were sitting down, eating, my father asked me what the book was even about. "It's about this guy, who finds a magic stone that leads him to a world where dragons exist." I reply. I could tell my brothers wanted to say some stupid, smart comment, but ever since my mom found out they were feeding their vitamins to the dog, they decided they'd stop with the annoying-ness.

My little sister, with her mouth full of mashed potatoes, cuts into the silence by saying, "Too bad it's not real, right Katie?" My mother furrows her eyebrows at her daughters mouth, and says to swallow before talking outloud..

I mutter to myself, "Yeah.. Too bad."

* * *

Oh, I'm sorry! I havent even introduced myself!


I'm Katie. I don't always listen to my parents, or teachers, or anyone, really. I don't usually do my homework either.. Not because it's hard, just because I find it pointless to put effort into something as stupid as junior high homework. I guess I have a bit of a rebellious streak, like the purple one in my long blonde hair.

I stopped trying to please annoying poeple a long time ago, and I couldn't care less what others think of me. I don't think I'm much of a "bad girl", I like the show Glee way too much for that. I just believe in myself enough that what others think isn't important. I'm not some arrogant, boastful, annoying type girl, though.

I have two brothers and a sister. Rosie (the girl) is a princess, at 4 years old. Chris is next, at 8. He tries to be just like Robert, who's 14. We used to be close, Robert and I, but then he got "too cool" to be seen with his little sister. I don't really care though, he has his friends, and I have mine.

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