chapter 18

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There is only two more days until the ball/dance or whatever they call it.  Its on Saturday and its Thursday and apparently there was so much to do.  Danielle and Eleanor have been telling me I needed to get my nails done, eyebrows waxed, hair colored, and other stuff.  I dont understand why I had to do all this just for one night but I acted like it was no big deal.  So thats what I did that day.  I also had a date with Harry.

For the date I dressed in a red dress that ended a little above my knees with nude pumps.  I pulled half my hair back and went down stairs to wait for Harry.

Zayn and I still arent speaking to each other.  Weve been ignoring each other since our dispute last night.  I knew this made me look more suspicious, but oh well.

I waited on the sofa waiting for my boyfriend and texted one of my friends from headquaters, Jamie.  I have been texting her frequently.  I wanted to know if she heard any news about my father returning from his mission wherever he was.  But her response was the same answer: no.

"Wow you look gorgeous" Harry said as he entered the room. 

"Thanks" I smile back.

"Ready to go?" he asks.

"As ready as I'll ever be" i respond.


"Ill have the chicken alfredo" I tell the waitor

"And Ill have the steak" Harry informs him.

He took me to an Italian Resturant a few miles from town.  We got a table in the back so no fans disturbed us.

"So babe, are you excited about the ball on Saturday?" he asks with a smile on his face.  It was obvious he was excited about it.

"Yeah but who knew so much work was put into it" I laugh.

"I dont think you needed all that the girls took you too today."

"Thanks Harry." I smile.

The food came 15 minutes later and ate for the next 10 minutes.

"So, Penny I dont know if this is rushing what we have or not, but I have something for you" he informs me after taking his last bite.

"What is it?" I ask kind of nervous.

He pulls out a small velvet box from his pocket. "Dont worry Im not proposing." He laughs.  "Its a promise ring.  I know its been tough living with meand the boys.  And I know its kinda scary moving into a place with 5 strangers.  Also with whats been going on with the deaths around here, I wanted to prove to you that I will always be here.  Im gonna protect you and never leave you.  I wont let anything hurt you.  And thats my promise." He ends with a nervous smile.

I laugh nervously.  I dont know what to say.  Is it wrong to take this ring?  I mean, our relationship is sorta a lie.  Or its a relationship for the wrong reason.   But I have to play my part.  This is my job Im doing here, and Im doing this to protect Harry, and all the citizens in London.  "I accept your promise." I say and hold out my hand for him to put the diamond encrusted ring on my finger. "Its perfect"

"Im glad.  Its looks great on your hand" he smiles.  he was obviously relieved.

My phone than started to ring.  I looked at the caller ID and saw it was the nurse who was taking care of Devon. "will you excuse me Harry?  I need to take this."

I got up from my seat and walked outside and stood right next to the door.  "hello?"

"Hi Vanessa? This is Doctor Freathery from London Hospital.  I was to inform you about Devon's awakening.  She has just woken about a minute ago and is still acting funny from all the medicine she is on.  If you want to do what you need to do, now would be a good time to come."

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