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Chapter Thirty

Alexia’s POV

The next morning everyone was in a hassle. It was hard sleeping last night with Derek’s words in my head.

You can never lose the sky until you fall.

I still didn’t understand what he meant nor did he bother to explain. It kept me up all night and I concluded that he enjoyed the presence of the sky. How could anyone lose the sky if it is all around us? I was stumped however today wasn’t the time to think too much about it. I just needed to survive this day and somehow I promised myself I would make it through it.

Breakfast was more tense than usual. Everyone ate quietly, keeping their thoughts mostly to themselves and only exchanged a few words of greetings. It was only when Derek came into the room with Violet by her side that broke the silence.

Violet was in dark jeans with leather boots that showed off her long legs. She had dyed her hair to purple and pink since the last time I had seen her and she topped it off with a leather jacket. She looked like those kids in high school where you did not want to mess around with them. She fit the persona too.

“Everyone should be on guard today. We don’t know when Azazel is coming but I can feel his presence, although not exactly where, near so we need to keep our forces surrounded.

“I’m done with breakfast. I’ll lead my pack at a three mile radius around your house,” Lucas said, getting up from his chair. Zane and Reagan immediately got up from their chairs and followed Lucas. Zane gave me an encouraging smile.

Smile, Alexia. Don’t worry about any of us. We’ll be back soon.

Zane? You’re back in the pack? I felt his presence in my head which could only mean one thing.

Yes, I am. He accepted me yesterday as well as Reagan.

Zane…be careful out there.

I will. I love you, Alexia. Stay safe. With that, Zane left with Reagan, already going ahead of Lucas to settle with the pack. I looked at Lucas, fearing what might happen today and if any of them would get hurt.

Don’t worry about me. I’m invincible. I looked at him and he gave me a rueful smirk.

Don’t be so confident about your invincibility but I hope you are right. Please come back to me in whole.

I love you, Alexia. You know that, don’t you?

Of course I do.

Then you have nothing to worry about.

Lucas came over to where I sat and pecked me on the lips and kissed the top of my head, lingering over me.

“I’m coming with you,” Brandon said, as Lucas was about to depart. Gracie was already by his side, planning already to join the fight. Derek didn’t want her to and they argued a bit but at the end, Gracie won. Despite her quietness, she was fierce and stubborn with power over Derek that I had never seen in anyone else.

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