Animal Mate

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Story: Preston is a normal teen. He's loved by everyone around him and will help anyone in need. Aden is the polar opposite. They both live in a world where people have a certain gene that allows them to do strange things or become strange creatures. Basically mutants. Aden is one of them. Abandoned due to his abilities, Aden lives in the forest, away from those who see him as a monster. But what happens when Preston stumbles onto Aden and sees him as more than just a beast?


I threw the spear I had made at the small rabbit that was passing in front of the cave I called home. I crawled out into the sunlight, my wolf-like tail swishing behind me and my ears perking up at the sound of the birds talking about me as I reached what was going to be my breakfast. Sad but true. When I pulled out the spear and picked up the limp rabbit, the bird's whispers caught my attention. Look. Its Aden. Do you think he'll try and get us as well? I turn my head in their direction and they pause, wondering to each other if I'm thinking about having them for dinner. I give them a glare, my tail puffed out as if I'm going to attack. "You know that I can understand you so why do you bother whispering?" As if on cue, they flew off, leaving me to sigh and crawl back into my home.

They act as if I like killing animals. Its not my fault I was born with the ability to talk to animals and started to grow wolf ears and a tail by the age of 5. All because my parents were too scared of me, they dumped me into the forest. I had to learn to fend for myself. As soon as I ripped the flesh from the small animal in my hand, I began to devour it, blood dripping from my mouth as my sharp canine teeth pierced the flesh. I swung my silver hair to the side, trying to avoid getting any blood on it. This is the point where I believe I really am what my parents called me. A beast.


I smiled at everyone as I passed them in the hallway. I could tell today was going to be a great day since my mom made me breakfast. Usually, she's too tired to make anything since she works late. I saw a few of my friends standing by the lockers and I began talking and laughing with them. I couldn't help but hear another conversation from a couple of girls near us as they talked about something everyone in this town feared. Mutants.

"Did you hear about that Anderson kid?"

"Totally. Apparently, he was caught sneaking into the teacher's room but when the janitor tried to grab him, he just fazed through the wall. He has to be a mutant."

That was something I always wondered about. Mutants. I mean, aren't they just people who have unique abilities? But I guess that's what makes normal people so scared of them. We're frightened by the supernatural and things we don't understand. All humans are the same whether you have some weird ability like fazing through walls or look like some sort of animal. Of course, its not like anyone cares about that. In this town, if you're different, you're not normal.

School went by pretty quickly and I walked home with a giant smile on my face. Tomorrow was a Saturday so I was free to do whatever I wanted. My favorite thing to do was go roaming in the woods even though my mom says that there is a beast living there. Honestly, I go there to find the beast. I want to see if its really a wild animal or a human. Not many beasts are what they seem.

I walked through the door to be met with the smell of food cooking. Delicious. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom standing over the stove, a pot of chili on it. Yes! Fist pump! Mom's chili is the best. I quickly went to my room and put down my bag before running into the bathroom to wash my hands. I dried them and looked at myself in the mirror, my mom's emerald green eyes staring back at me while my dad's brown hair hung in my face. Oh well. I'll deal with my hair later. Right now, I'm going to eat some chili.

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