My eyes shot open.

I sat up in my bed, taking caution to my tense muscles. I was drenched in sweat, my breaths coming out uneven and fast. I looked at my alarm clock; 3:27 am. I dropped my head to my hands and cocentrated on the dream I just had. That laugh..


Oh god..

I grabbed my phone off of the nightstand and ripped the charger out of it. I surfed my contacts until I found the name I was looking for.


Pushing dail, I was releived to her her voice.

"Damm it Addaliah! Do you understand what ungodly hour of morning it is?"

"Goldie," I whispered, my voice cracking, "She's back. Goldie, she's coming back! What am I going to do?"

I burst out crying once I finished my sentence.

"Hold up, Addie! Who's coming back?" Goldie slurred, evidently still half asleep.

My hands started shaking. I hesitated to answer.


My breathing became ragged again. I can still hear her laugh.

"Addie, hun. Are you there?"

"Cathaleyah," I whispered, "is coming back."

"I'm coming to get you Addie, get dressed." She hung up before I could protest.

I got up and went to the bathroom. Images of the she-wolf Cathaleyah had killed, flashed though my mind while I was brushing my teeth.

I wet to my closet and pulled out a white sundress and peach platform sandals, then went over to my dresser to get undergarmets.

'I'm coming back!'

I froze.

'Why, Cathaleyah.'

'Someone has to be bold and strong around here,' she laughed, ' and it definitely is not you.'

'You won't be able to.'

'I can and I will!' Her voice echoed in my head, loudly.

I flinched. Ow, headache.


'Everyone has to sides to them, one stupid and weak. The other, strong and bold. We just happened to be split. It's better if the stonger one is in control, but I have to destroy you first. By making you watch him suffer.'

'Who? How?'

'Your mate. Does he eve know who you are? Does he know about the r@pe. Does he even know that you had a chi-'

'No. He doesn't.'

She started laughing again.

'You will see, Addie.'

I paled. I ran into the bathroom and threw my clothes on, and dragged a brush through my hair.

I heard Goldie's car horn, signaling that she was here.

I ran diwn stairs and hopped into the passenger side of her Lexus.

"What happened?" She looked at me.

I told her about my internal coversation with Cathaleyah. She paled.

"Alpha Darrien?" I nodded, but said, "He isn't Alpha yet."

Goldie nodded in reply.

"She threatened me with my ba-"

"You don't have to say it, Addie."

"I want to find her, my baby girl."

Goldie sighed. "Whatever you need to do, Addie."

"Thank you." I hugeed her.

"No problem." She replied hugging me back. "I know what you need."

She started her car and drove off.

I pulled out my phone, and texted my therapist, Dr. Ingram about my baby girl. He would get it when he woke up.

Goldie pulled up to her bother, Ricky's appartment. He was stand there waiting for us.

"Hey, girls! How are you doing, Addaliah?"

"Good." I replied.

"Hey bro, is Lizzie asleep?" Lizzie is Ricky's daughter. His mate died while giving birth to her.

"Yea, she is."

"So, what do you need my help with?" Ricky asked my directly.

I told him everything that has happened since the dream.

I even told him about the rape when I was 14, and when I had my little girl. I told him about Cathaleyah taking over right after I gave birth, and gave my baby away. I also told him that I found out that Alpha-to-be Darrien was my mate when I was 16.

Males usually find there mate when they are 18. Females when they are 16.

He was shocked at everything I told him.

"He is turning 18 in twelve days. I can not be here when he claims his alpha title. I cannot be here when he figures out that I am his mate. I don't deserve him."

Goldie rolled her eyes , but said nothing. Ricky sighed, he spoke after a while of silence.

"Okay, we will hide you in the beach house I have for as long as it takes."

"When do we leave?" I asked.

"After you find your daughter." Goldie replied to my question before Ricky could.

I hesitated, thinking everything over.

"Okay," I said, " that sounds like a plan."

"I agree, let's go eat now. It's 6:28 am. I want to eat before school." Goldie said, dragging me out of my seat.

"Bye, Ricky!" I called over my shoulder.

"Bye, Addie!" He replied.

I got into Goldie car and muttered, "I hope this plan works."

"Me too, Addie. Me too"

We pulled up to the Coffee Cafe near our sxhool and got some breakfast.

My phone vibrated.

From: Doctor Ingram

I'm on it, Addaliah. :]

I smiled.

I'm getting my life together and my daughter back.



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