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Oh and by the by I’m talking like season five Marty... like after the encounter with Logan.

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“I kinda hate those guys.” I say, pushing all the profanities that come to mind to the back of my mind.

“Really? I can’t see why.” She replies and stats to walk away from the coffee cart. We continue talking about the shocking news of my parenthood.

“I still can’t believe that your mom just told you like tha-” She was cut off by her phone ringing. She gave me an apologetic look before walking away slightly and answering. Now I pride myself on being a gentleman, but listening to Rory’s conversation was hard. Mainly because well she’s Rory, what if it was some guy trying to ask her out? I stood awkwardly to the side fidgeting with my coffee cup whilst listening to her talk to someone.

“Yes... bu- yes sorry grandmum. I need a Date? No you cannot set me up!... Wha- No I’ll find someone! Yes, yes, Bye Grandmum.” I heard her sigh dramatically after she ended the call; I tried to look busy hoping she wouldn’t catch on to my eavesdropping. She just continued on walking towards Branford hall sparing me a short glance to ensure I was following. As soon as we got back to her dorm I Could tell Paris was here. She just has one of those presences.

“Do I have to go in? She’s scary!” I beg Rory. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m scared of Paris; Rory just rolls her eyes and grabs my sleeve.

“Go hide in my room, sides I have to talk to her about Asher first.” And with that we entered Hell.


I sat on Rory’s bed, trying to understand the book I had in my hands. It was useless; I had no idea what this... I think he was German... Author was trying to tell me. I could hear Rory and Paris’ muffled voices in the other room. I hear muffled footsteps and then Rory is back in the room. She smirks at my book choice.

“Enjoying that?” she asks humor coloring her voice.

“Very much so, very interesting.” I reply just as smoothly. She bursts out laughing... ok I’m confused.

“Marty, it’s not even in English...” She clarifies and continues giggling. Well that explains a lot... no wonder nothing was registering. “Erm... Anyways I have a huge favor to ask of you” Rory continued.  I didn’t say anything, hoping she was referring to the phone call, the whole needing a date part.

“See I have to go to this Family... thing... tonight and I need a ‘date’... so I was wondering if you would like to come with me?” Rory’s voice sounded very nervous, almost as if she thought I would be revolted by the idea. Internally though I was happy dancing, the girl of my dreams just asked me out!

 “Ya, I could do that...” Stay cool Marty, stay cool.

“Great, well I need to get ready now! Pick me up at six... and wear a suit!” And with that I was shoved out the door.


Rory looked beautiful, she was wearing a blue knee length dress that she managed to make look youthful and elegant. We were seated in my car and ready to go.

“So where to? Stars hollow?” I asked, still not knowing where we were going.

“Um.. No, actually we are going to Hartford...” She said timidly. Hartford... god please tell me she isn’t one of them.

“Hartford? As in where all the hoity toity prancers live?” I asked, trying not to sound annoyed. But of course failing miserably. As soon as I said it, I regretted. Rory’s face filled with anger.

“Yes where the ‘hoity toity prancers’ live. And I would be careful if I were you because it’s my family we are talking about.” Her voice sounded like Ice. Her family? I thought she was a small town girl...

“Family? I thought you were a small town girl from Starshollow?” I asked, my voice quiet.

“I am a small town girl from Starshollow, but I’m also the heiress to both the Gilmore and Hayden fortunes.” She whispered looking at her hands.  Heiress? She was one of them the entire time. But did it matter? She’s Still Rory.

“Heiress huh? Well that certainly helps with your world domination plans” I say trying to sound to calm, in the corner of my eye I see Rory look up a hopeful smile on her face.

“So Hartford right? What size of mansion are we talking here?” I ask starting the car.

“Big, like.... really big!” she smiles, her eyes lighting up. Here we go.

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