Austin doesn't believe her

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austin comes back

Austin:umm dez I'm not feeling well can we go

Dez:well ok hold on I have to use the bathroom

Ally:wats wrong

Austin:how about wats wrong with you do you need to tell me something

Ally:no why

Austin:are you sure

Dez:k let's go

2weeks later

Ally:why isn't Austin talking to me

Trish:I don't know why I'm srry ally

1day later

Trish:I booked you something

Austin:omg really that's awesome

Triish:but you don't have a song to sing

Austin:yes i do just make sure ally is there


Ally house

Trish:Austin wants you to come tonite plz

Ally:really ok I'll go

At the concert

Austin:hey everybody I'm Austin moon and I dedicate this song to my friend ally

He sings the song and gets in ally's face it was a hurt full song

Ally leaves crying

The next day

Austin at sonic boom

Ally:get out now!!! You humiliated me in front of people yesterday

Austin:well you didn't tell me you were pregnant

Ally:no I'm not trish thought she was and two of them were negative and one was positive you jerk!!

Austin:I didn't know

Ally:yea that's the thing you didn't know you didn't even ask get out!!

Austin:ally I'm srry

Ally:no you still embarrassed me in front of hundreds of people get out!

Austin:well can we talk when you get home plz


Ally's house

Austin:ok I'm srry I didn't mean to do what I did I should of ask you plz forgive me

Ally:no I won't

Austin:ALLY what's your problem

Ally:you are don't you see it I lost my virginty to you I lost it to someone I loved

Austin:what do you mean loved you don't love me anymore

Ally:idk Austin it seems like you don't love me enough to trust me

Austin:seems that you don't love me enough to you love me do you love me or not

Ally:yes I still do love you Austin

He goes and kisses her

Ally:stop stop

Austin:what's wrong I thought you loved me

Ally:but it's not enough anymore

Austin:wat can I do plz

Ally:say you love me

Austin:I love

He kisses her again

Ally:come on

They go upstairs

Austin prove:when ally tol me to come upstairs I knew we were gonna have sex when I went inside her I felt like we were making love not just fucking I truly love her I love ally Dawson

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