Robin white was a normal 18 year old girl she had long dark brunette hair, chocolate brown eyes and average to small height. robins name is spelt R. o. b. i. n like the bird which she loves, but yet she didn't know her life was about to be turn upside down for the better..

it was a typical morning in Nottingham when robin woke up she raised out of bed in a slumber like she had been asleep months, but suddenly she saw her phone (white iphone 4s) flashing red  she bolted up off her bed and picked her phone up

'omg its my last day of collage and my graduation Assembly' she said out loud while doing a little dance

'but wait...' she stopped dancing and looked at the time. ' omg im running late and its my last day lilly will be here any minute thats all i need' she said rushing about. robin gave lilly a ride to collage everday. she then checked her phone and saw that one of her best friends text her

lil knight 

'im coming yours now i need a ride to collage' sent 10mins ago

'oh crap' robin sprung about and tried to changed as fast as she could but...

*knock! knock!*

'oh bugger' robin exclaimed

robin sprinted down the stairs and opened the door it was  Lilly

'hey.......why are you still in your pjs'  Lilly said awkwardly

'omg i like only just got up come in and wait for me' robin said panting from running down the stairs.

they both ran up stairs and Lilly waited for robin to get ready. After half an hour she was ready to walk out the door.

they went to collage for the last time in robins bright orange mini copper.

when they arrived in the collage car park across to them was their other best friend aria McGuinness

' hey you two your late again' she said while rolling her eyes and leaned on her cream beetle

'oi!! dont blame me blame her' lilly said while pointing to robin. robin then gave a big smile towards both of them and laughed 

They all walk in together, the three friends had been best friends since year 7 and were moving down to London together for their university. Robin was going to a fashion designs and journalism university, lilly was going to a performing arts for her music and aria was going to the same preforming arts university but for acting and  was hoping to work on the west end one day.

Later in the afternoon the graduation Assembly (which is more like a farewell assembly ) took place in the hall. Where all the parents and families gathered to watch their sons and daughters go up to collect there final grades, even though they already know them its more of a celebration on what the students achieved and where they are going next.

it was an antagonizing wait for the girls listening to all the names being called what they achieved and what they are doing next the list seemed ever ending but they finally got to lilly and her name was called...


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