Chapter Six-InnerFlame

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Chapter Six-InnerFlame


Vibrations rumbling through the thick set cobblestone beneath my head brought my attention to the door into my cell’s room. My body stayed still hunched on the floor, my breath stirring the flecks of dust settled around me. I’d not gotten one moment of sleep, my head spinning with the memory of the way I’d been able to feel Brann’s Element whittling out. It seemed as if he’d been injured, within. I’d never heard of anything like this. When Mage’s lose their elemental power, they die, and if they die, their gone. But Blood Magic was the only way this could have been done. 

“Open the cell.”

Brann’s shallow voice drifted to me and I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep, I could feel him coming closer, the pressure of the ruminants from his Magic Energy washing over me. Even with it being gone, he still held a powerful air over him. 

Rustling from his robes scrunching up as he kneeled by my side and I breathed deeply, the soft smell of his ailment tickling my throat. He let out a tired sigh as he settled down on the hard ground. 

“I know you’re awake Fire Mage.”

My eyes fluttered open and I glared up at him, I had no reason to speak to him.

“You must be wondering my reason for coming to your cell. I-”

I rolled over so my back was to him, and stretched out my legs and resting my temple on my bicep, to keep it from the ground.

“I had no part in your coming to be here. Sota asked if he could bring one of his sisters here. I wasn’t aware you were still apart of the Resistance. Though it was to be expected with your older siblings being well known within their ranks. Then Adrian sent a message saying he’d located a transmission through the lines that the Leader of the Resistance’s little sister had runaway, taking one of the Cavalry Stallions. He then tracked you and that horse to his forest, which on our part I guess was lucky.”

I interrupted him with holding up my hand and getting to my knees across from him, “Where is Aries?”

“That Stallion, he’s in my personal stables.”

Watching him carefully I nodded and brought my knees up to clutch them to my chest. 

“What did Sota hope to accomplish with abducting me?” I demanded.

“You’d have to ask him, he’s my Lieutenant, he asked my permission I gave it.” He grunted as he shifted on the numbing stone.

I considered him, even now he seemed like a wilted flower, his head bent, his short black hair looking unkept. I clasped my hand to my gut, feeling as if my fire was growing, and weighing on my stomach. It yearned to feel the company of the Lords own fire and I forced it to hush its furious squabble. 

“Why are you in my cell? What is it you need from me?”

I lifted my head to look into his lost amber eyes. They reminded me of the way mine seemed when I looked in the mirror.

He swallowed and uttered, “You felt my fire. You know the condition I’m in. You know something else. I saw it in your eyes.”

My eyes flashed and I wrapped my arms around myself, “Blood Magic took your Magic Energy, almost till it was fully depleted. I-I could replenish it.” I clenched my fists and shook my head defiantly, “Why would I do that, you’re my enemy.”

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