Thug Love (1)

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 (Picture on the side of what I want Ka'Jai to look like)

                                                                                                   Thug Love (1)

            "Wake your ugly ass up!" I heard my sister scream from my room door. I wouldn't even call it a room. More like the sofa in the living room. 

             You see my mom had gotten a three bedroom apartment. But my sister didn't want to share a bedroom with me so they made me sleep on the couch. I sat up with an aching back that will never go away. 

                "Do you hear me fat ass!" she screamed. 

                "I'm up," I mumbled. She huffed and walked away. 

               I got up and walked over to the two big trash bags that held my clothes. I pulled out some flare jeans that were out of style but was all I had, a black v-neck shirt and my black converses that I've had since last year. 

                My brother and sister are always up to date with their fashion besides me. My mom never likes to buy me nice clothes with the money my dad sends her even if it is for me. 

                   Maybe you'll understand if I explained my life a little better.

             My name's Unique Lewis. I'm fully black and my mom's 'mistake'. My siblings hate me because they think I ran away their real dad. But it was actually my mom who caused this because she doesn't know how to keep her legs closed. 

               My dad is in my life and I love him to death. He wants to take me away from here but his wife doesn't want me to live with her. She says I will make their family look a hot mess. She's one of those snotty black chicks that act like her shit don't stink. 

                I'm use to the way people treat me. I will always cry myself to sleep at night wondering why I was still in this world. When I look in the mirror I wish I could say I see a pretty girl. But all I see is ugliness. 

                I don't know why my mom named me Unique. She said my face was uniquely different. In a ugly way. Everyone hates me. Well besides my best friend Monique. She's been my rock since the sixth grade. 

          I walked to the bathroom and was about to enter when my sister pushed past me and slammed the door in my face.

              Once I got out the shower and put on my clothes I started to work on my hair. I loved my hair. It was the only thing that was pretty on me. My hair reached the middle of my back and was silky smooth. 

            I sprayed my favorite perfume on and walked to the kitchen where everybody sat laughing and talking like a normal family. I grabbed a bowl and made my cereal and sat at the table across from my brother. 

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