Chapter One: How things started

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AN: So…Sunny made me write this. :P

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The REAL Monster High

Chapter One: How things started

Hi, my name is Sam Dareing. I’m well known by my friends as someone you can count on as well as a cause of chaos. I have short blood red hair that is usually in an unkempt messy bob cut and a very dark tan I hadn’t gained until I was ten over the night of my tenth birthday. I enjoy reading and am a drawer and writer and I’m the tallest out of my friends at 5’7”. I have a semi-normal life, however, recently my friends and I got into some big trouble.

Sunny Earst, Elsie Sleet, and Kally Shade and I threw rotten eggs at our Principal’s house because he got angry at Kally and called her a slut.

Yeah…a principal did that.

You can see why we threw the eggs right? No one should call someone such a thing, but a teacher is just not someone allowed to call a student that at all.

So we threw the eggs, got expelled when we got found out, and now are in front of all our parents.

The disappointed stares we were getting were actually rather amusing. They had cheered us on when we egged old man Grena, but now they had to act like responsible adults and punish us, even if they didn’t want to.

Mrs. Sleet sighed as she pinched her nose.

“We really don’t want to have to do this.” she explained.

My friends and I stared at Elsie’s mom.

“Do what?” Sunny asked.

Mr. Shade walked up then, his imposing presence and dark red eyes had always kinda creeped me out but he was actually an ok person.

“We have to send you to the school we told you about. The school for our kind.”

Your probably wondering what he’s talking about right?

Well the truth is that my friends and I are anything but normal teenagers.

We’re monsters.

"But dad!" Kally cried. "You said it's dangerous there!"

He sighed. "It is. Thats why we tried to raise you in the human world, but that's obviously not working."

Suddenly his eyes glared into me and i wanted to shrink in upon myself.



"Your overusing your powers and are tired almost all the time."

I laughed nervously, because he was telling the truth.

Suddenly he turned and glared at Elsie.


She tensed.

"Your misusing your powers, and dont deny it! We saw you make the floor slick and make that boy break his arm."

"I didn't think he'd hurt himself that bad!" Elsie tried to defend herself, but Mr. Shade was already looking at Sunny.

"Sunny." she cringed. "You almost got seen mid-phase. You know how dangerous that is!"



She smiled nervously.

"I can't?"

"DO NOT GET SMART WITH ME!" he snapped, making Kally sink into her seat and try to disappear.

As Mr. Shade was trying to gain back his breath, Mrs, Earst smiled kindly at us.

"Don't worry. If you stick together you should be just fine." she explained.

"I'm sure." My father deapanned, obviously knowing we'd cause more trouble than anything else together.

"We'll send in your files." Mrs. Sleet said. "You should be starting your new school this next week and there will be no buts about it."

All of us groaned but knew that when our parents actually got serious they wouldn't change their minds.

And how we got sent to our new school.

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