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Ross and I attempted to sneak back into the house as quietly as possible. We made it just halfway through the hallway when we heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. Almost comedically, both of our heads snapped toward the kitchen at the exact same time. Busted!

Mark stood, arms folded acrossed his chest, leaning against the counter. A look of irritation on his face. We walked into the kitchen. We must have looked like two kids caught shaking presents under the tree. Mark spoke. "Do you realize what time it is?" he asked. Not giving either of us a chance to answer he turned toward me. "You weren't hired to take my son out partying. If this is what we can expect, were going to have to let you go. This is ridiculous." he shook his head. "It was my fault. And we weren't 'partying'" he said, making air quotation marks. "we were driving, and talking, I couldn't sleep." "We'll talk about this later. You have a full schedule today. And judging by your eyes, you didn't sleep at all last night. You look like crap." Ross just grabbed my arm and walked me out of the kitchen to the hallway and toward the stairs. "Don't worry about it. He's just worried. He'll calm down. I'm gonna jump in the shower," he said when we reached my bedroom. "you have a couple hours if you wanna take a nap or somethin. Its only 6:30." "Kay." I responded.

I closed my door and locked it behind me. I needed to do more thinking than sleeping. I took off my shoes and laid them next to my bed.Then I flopped onto my back and looked up at the ceiling.My mind was spinning. How was I supposed to deal with this?

I layed there for a long time, going over everything in my head. Trying to imagine what life was going to be like, spending every day with this person that I was so in love with, who was so not in love with me. Having this intimate relationship with him, but not having the real true intimacy I was soon going to need.

What seemed like 30 seconds turned out to be over an hour as Ross was already knocking on my door. Without waiting for an answer he slipped inside and shut the door behind him. "Can you be ready in 30?" he asked. I nodded.

As I walked across the room to the closet, I glanced at him through the mirror. And I swore I saw him checking me out. I brushed it off and went about picking out what I was going to wear. He gave the hurry up signal as he exited.

We arrived at the gym and he got out and popped the trunk. After grabbing his bag he came around to my car door. He stood there for a second, just looking at me. Then he motioned for me to get out. I rolled down the window instead. "You're not coming in?" he asked. All I could think of was watching him exercise and the imminent danger of attacking him afterwards. Not a good idea. "Not a good idea," I said, as soon as the thought entered my mind. "I should probably get some errands dine. Just call when you need me." "Kay, I guess." he whined.

No sooner than I had pulled out of the parking lot, my phone began to ring. I pulled into the parking lot at Jamba Juice and answered. "Hello?" "I need you." Ross said, then kinda chuckled. "Ross, I think you can handle the gym on your own, really!" " But I don't wannnna" he whined again. "Come on, it's a half an hour, forty five minutes tops. Then I'll buy you lunch." "Ross... Ugggh... fiiiine. I'll be back in a sec."

I nervously drove back to the gym. But I couldn't bring myself to get out. Eventually Ross came bouncing out and stood outside my door till I felt so uncomfortable in his stare that I had to get out. I stared at the pavement under my feet. "What are you like... scared of the gym or somethin'" he asked. "No, just had other things to do." He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.

It was as bad as I imagined. Seeing him on the weight bench was ridiculously sexy. And the little sideways smirks he kept giving me just made it worse. Hearing him say my name while he was out of breath was, well torturous. It was like he knew what I was thinking and was enjoying my discomfort.

"Hey, can you throw me the towel out of my bag?" He asked, pointing toward his things.

I opened his bag and rummaged through it for a sec finally finding the towel underneath everything else, including his pink and white striped boxer briefs. Heat rose in my face as I zipped the bag closed and walked to him with the towel. He wiped the sweat from his face and chest and walked over to a mat on the floor where he dropped and began doing push ups. If what happened earlier was torture, this was death. Especially when his eyes would meet mine... and that smirk would all but cover his face. He knew he was sexy. And... He WAS messing with me.

This continued for another twenty or so minutes until he finally left me long enough to take a shower. But things didn't get much easier afterward.

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