love can destroy you

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Love, what does love really really mean.... no one really knows, do they. After a while of when your in love things just go - wrong - terribly wrong. I mean arguing all that belark, love doesn't matter that much; does it? Who know's? Well i don't, i never will, no one will ever love me, never. Who would wan't to love somebody who is a bad- luck charm.

I'm Lola and i live alone, obviously, in a apartment on the coast of England and i forgot to mention i die and reborn as the same person until i don't know... actually get my life sorted out; which by the way has not happened yet. I sort of see my lives flash across my eyes an then i reborn a day later when something had not yet triggered the cannon.

I'm bad- luck; face it. If your my friend you only have a few days with me until i don't know you and you don't know me because our paths have never crossed they never did. like a train routes but i get to chose if i stay on that route or be the driver and change the track of life i choose to change to. Well that's the way i like to think of it as, not as me being the only person in my life who i can actually spend my whole life with because face it i can't ever have a proper life with friends and family... can i?

                                                                        Chapter 1

I do have a cat, but i have to admit i do know her which is good because i will always think of the same name for her. As i called her my favorite almost amazing thought of a name, that will never change. Yet i have always had a heart for cats, so i won't abandon her if she crosses my path again, yes i know what your thinking, but theirs got to be something special to do with this cat as it almost always crosses my path even if i change my path, she will always follow me, and that is what i would like to find in my love. If i ever get one.

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