Date Night

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Toma was locked outside of Jane's apartment again. But this time, it was no use in trying to break the door down. Ivan had already found her. 

"So will you go on that date with me now?" Ivan asked with all his cuteness. Toma could see him fiddling with his pipe behind his back.

"Well when you put it that way...No you crazy psycho!" Toma shouted. She turned to run and find a better hiding place. She made it a few yards, before her face hit the ground. 

Ivan held Toma almost upside down by her ankle. "Silly Toma, you can't hide from me. I can smell you out." Ivan smiled innocently again.

'What are you...part bloodhound?" Toma squirmed, futilely trying to free her leg from Ivan's iron grip. "Would you let me go, you crazy Russian!?" She complained peevishly.

"And have you run away from me again? I don't think so." Ivan tossed a struggling Toma easily over his shoulder. "You are now going on a date with me whether you want to or not." Ivan chuckled merrily and carried Toma off. 

"I really hate you sometimes Ivan..." Toma grumbled.

"I bet you won't be saying that later~" Ivan kolkolkol-ed.

Toma eyes shot open. "Der'mo." [1]

[1]: Shit

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