"How could you do this to me! In our anniversary"cried Eleanor."Im sorry ,I had rehearsals and then Hary needed my help and-"."HARRY, HARRY HARRY ! AWAYS ABOUT HIM!YOU CARE ABOUT HIM MORE THAN ME!"shouted eleanor."What are you talking about?!?!?!"louis responded."Its ALWAYS ABOUT HIM, even on our first ate you came late about harry who needed help driving and you never talked about yourself .You ONLY talked about harry.When the date was over I knew more stuff about harry than you....I was thinking about if I should give you another chance......" she started to lower her voice."And our 2nd date you stood me up because of the world tours..."she whispered.Louis just stood there starring at the floor."Im so so-"eleanor interrupted "Louis just go away from here......we'll talk later".Louis just stared at her and started to walk away.

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