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Marissa's P.O.V.


"Wake up Marissa it's the first day of your freshman year!"

"Yes Mom don't remind me!"

Ughh, why does summer have to almost be over? I don't want to go to school. Expecially highschool. Well at least it's only freshman today and not all the grades. I really hope I don't make a fool of myself in front of all the upperclass hotties tomorrow on the actual first day with everyone. I can't believe when we got a tour of the place I fell on the stairs. Imagine doing that in front of douzons of people. That would be a major embarrassment. Okay so what will I wear. hmm. I know I'll wear my regular skinny jeans and my peach colored shirt from Forever 21 with the rose necklace, and my zip up sandals. Alright all I have left is my hair and makeup. I think I'll do a headband braid today. My long brown hair falls down to the front of my chest. As I brush it out it tangles in the brush and pulls.

"Ouch! Why can't you cooperate? Ughh." I hate my stupid hair it always has a way to really make me want to tear it out. I finish the braid and move on to my makeup. I grab my eyelash curler out of my basket and sqeeze it tightly against my brown lashes. I love my eyelashes because they are really long but I wish they weren't so damn straight. I hold it for about ten seconds then move on to the mascara. When done with that I go for my cheap auto eyeliner that I got at the dollarstore. Not designer made but works just as well. Once finished I take a glimpse in the mirror. Wishing I was as pretty as the other girls at school but accepting of what I look like. I mean I'm not ugly but also not the prettiest girl in the world. Sometimes I can be insecure but others may disagree.

I walk down my long spooky looking hallway and into my tiny kitchen. My mother is sitting at the table on her laptop like always. I grab a bowl and pour some of my favorite cereal in it... Cocoa Puffs.

"So are you excited?"

"No, scared is more like it."

"Awh why?"

"Because I'm afraid that I'm gonna be a loner sitting in the back of the class and not being noticed by the slightest of people except for the teacher who will randomly call on me at the times when I don't know the answer to the question."

"Oh you may say that now but later you will make a bunch of friends and have a great high school experience."

"Yeah yeah whatever.." I get up, brush my teeth, then say goodbye to my mother who clearly doesn't understand my crisis. Bzzz, bzzz. There goes my phone with some texts from my best friends.

"Hey are you ready? I am gonna start walking up the snake trail now." -Audrey

"I just got on the bus so text me when you get to school or meet up with Aud." -Darlene

After reading them I replied...

"Yes I'm ready! I'm gonna start walking in a bit." -To Audrey

"Okay I'll text you when I get there." -To Darlene

I walk into my room and pack my Hollister tote bag with a notebook, couple pens and pencils and a sharpener. I live right across the street from school anyways so I don't need to start walking until a little before school starts. The only disadvantage about living across the street is that everyone will know where I live. It is now 7:05 am and now that I am all ready I sit on my couch and check Facebook to see if there is any news happening right now.

Nothing exciting is being posted so I check twitter to see if any of the One Direction boys has been on in the last 24 hours. Niall tweeted that him and the boys are having a small gig today in some state in the top of America. Obviously it wouldn't be in Maine because nobody famous ever comes up here. Some people probably don't even know where Maine is because it's so small and unnoticable. Well now it's 7:15 am so I probably should get walking. I yell to my mom and tell her that I'm leaving then I grab my phone, bag, and laptop and head out the door.

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