Chapter 19 - Baby Time

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okay so i just finished chapter 18 and i thought might as well start the next chapter make up for the day i was lazy so here it is 

Amy's pov 

today i'm bored and cranky Mila is bored and cranky. i want o get out but anytime i do i get up and then i either forget what i was planning to do or i can't get my shoes on. before i can think anymore Liam comes through the door he moved in a month ago and has been nothing but a saint, he puts up with me so he must be a saint i'venever been much of a smart arse when i'm pregnant my intelegance that i do have hides away until i give birth and y hormones don't even get me started.

"hey how are my beautiful girls" he cooed kissing me then Mila on the head "cranky and why are you acting like you haven't seen us in ages you only went to the shops" i said bluntly he laughs as he goes into the kitchen "LIAM!" i yell he comes rushing in "what.are you okay. is the baby coming" he blurts out now its my turn to laugh "no chill i was thinking we could go out to the mall and shop we're bored" i say pointing between me and Mi "oh and maybe some of the others could come" he added i nod in agreement while Liam went to go get Mila dressed.

To- Da Bro, Gd Boi, Diva,Sloth,Bird, Chelssss,EBeth,Savi xo,Kai xo,Carrot King, Nandos Boi, Bradford Bad Boy,Hazza Bear

Me and the fam gonna shop txt bk 2 join 


i press send and waited. Liam and Mila came back down "LeeLee can you help" i asked tempting to get on some socks and shoes right now i was failing he put Mi down and helped my phone started buzzing in replies

From- Diva, Bird, EBeth, Carrot King and Da Bro

sure see you in a bit 


ace. Liam carried Mila to the car and keeping an eye on me  i slid into the car and manage to do m seat belt up Liam got in the driver's side then we were off.

we got to the Mall where Siva, Jay Elisabeth,Louis and Max were waiting for us then we went inside. "my feet are sore" i complained some the boys rolled their eyes Elisabeth smiled "well you are ready to pop" my head snapped at her comment "what! i was just saying" i shook my head as we entered another store Mother care i waddled over to the clothes with Siva me and him were looking at everything "so is everything sorted" he asked "yeah while i had my feet up Liam and Max finished the room off i never remember having this trouble with Mila" i replied rubbing my bump he laughs "an i ask you something and promise not to get mad" he wondered "i'll try not to but you know what i'm like" i smiled at him "well i was wondering is the father gonna be at the birth" "yes, yes he is" i sighed

Liam's pov

we came out into the car park laughing and carrying bags when Amy comes to a stop "babes you okay" she shakes her head. she screams out in pain and drops the floor "ah oh my god baby time" she squeals i drop my bags and rush to her she cripples over in the pain "someone call an ambulance" i yell

the ambulance arrived and got Amy onto the the stretcher "you. you need to call the father he promised he'd be with me owwwwwww" she screamed "but you never told us who he is" Max stated she screamed again as i got in the back with her "HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! HARRY'S THE FATHER" she screamed as the door shut i was left speechless she grasped onto my hand and panted "i love you, ya know that i love you so much" she told me breathless. i was about to say something but i was still speechless from what just happened my best friend slept with my girlfriend "Harry's the dad?" she nodded as she took some gas to ease the pain "i'm sorry. i'm so sorry you don't hate me do you oh my god you hate me" she whined "you slept with Harry" it was going over and over "hey,hey its okay although Tom might be jel but shhhh don't tell him" she whispered my yes widened.

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