Chapter Six: The Dinner

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****** Zayn's POV ******

I watch her and Liam talk on the balcony that overlooks the amazing view. I haven't stopped staring at her for the whole night. The dress, the hair, it all made her more stunning than she usually is. I know, I know, I just met her. I can't already like Mona. I do not like this girl. I have Perrie, who I'm very happy with!

I smile at the ground, thinking about her. When we met, I never thought we would get together. She's so bubbly and happy, while I'm just shy. But we became good friends, and finally when I became comfortable around her, I took the chance to ask her out. Ever since then, we've been really happy. It's been about three and a half months, and I miss her like crazy! This tour isn't my best friend right now, but we chat as much as we can. Her group, Little Mix, is doing awesome with their album. They really are working hard! But touring all the time does make this relationship hard, and the fans. They don't accept her, and think it's all fake. I just want to be happy.. 

I instantly get into a sad mood, thinking about her. But soon Harry comes over, and pokes me in the stomach, while taking a drink from his wine glass, "Zayn! Why the long face? It makes you look ugly." He laughs, knowing he hit a nerve, and winked. 

"I am never ugly, you idiot. And don't poke me!" I yell, flicking his hand away. He gives me a sad look, before replacing it with a cheeky smile.

"Whatever. I just came over to tell you that I'm really glad you ran into Mona, because her friend is a babe! I think I might put the moves on her, tell her a funny joke, maybe even let her touch the curls! Bam! She'll be begging to be my girlfriend," he tells me, as we both look over at Jesse, who is currently looking at the dessert table with Niall. 

"Harry, none of your jokes are funny. You're the only one who laughs at them," I say.

"You just have no sense of humor, man! Anywho, why haven't you swept Mona off her feet yet? She's a doll!"

"Duh, you know I'm dating Perrie! And I just met the girl a few days ago, not even that! I'm happy with what I have, Haz. She's kind, and a very good friend. Plus, she won't be going for anyone for a while. Her ex was a complete douche," I scowl as I think about the guy who broke Mona's fragile heart. I want nothing more than to punch him in his too-perfect nose.

"Oh yeah, Perrie. Zayn.. You never see her. And the fans aren't happy with you guys dating either, so why even try? I guess I like her, but I don't see the effort," he says patting my shoulder. 

I sigh, "Harry, she makes me happy. That's it. Can I not be happy? Whatever. Let's go get dessert." I say, and we both make our way to the long table, but not before I steal a glance at Mona and Liam. She catches my eye, and gives a small wave. I blush, and wave back.

**** Mona's POV ****

I look back over to Liam with a slight blush. He keeps talking about their journey from the X-Factor to now, and I can't believe how lucky they were. You can tell the boy was majorly proud of them all, the way he talked about their reactions to getting third, or finding out they weren't going home. I laugh with him, as he tells me all the crazy stuff Louis did in the video diaries they had to do every week. 

"So you guys are doing a couple shows here, then in two weeks you'll be going farther south?" I ask him.

"That's the plan! We love it here, it's always so sunny! And we met you and Jesse! Louis seems so excited to find someone weirder than him, but Zayn.. I can tell he's quite happy he bumped into you," he smirks, and I quickly blush.

"Liam, what in the world are you talking about?" I innocently ask, not meeting his eyes.

"He's been so lonely, not being with his girlfriend for so long. It's nice to have a girl he can talk to, and get close with. I know he gets sick of us lads most of the time. Heck, I do too!" Everything in my body froze after he said girlfriend, and the rest was just a mumble. Girlfriend? For some reason, I didn't like this. I felt my jealousy kicking it, and mentally punched myself for it. Stop it, Mona. You're done with guys anyway.. but it's only polite to ask about this girl.

"Girlfriend? He never told me about her.. do tell, Liam."

"Her names Perrie Edwards, she's part of the group, Little Mix. They're quite talented darlings. They actually released a single, Wings! You should listen to it. Oh oops, where was I? Oh yes, her and Zayn have been dating for about three and a half months. He seems happy, and so does she! But the fans aren't fond of her. I think she's sweet! She's hilarious, very ditzy.. the two of them together is quite a show. Zayn can't keep his hands off of her. I'm surprised he hasn't told you about her," he scrunches up his eyebrows, and pursed his lips. 

"Well, I'm glad you told me! I'll have to talk to him about her, she sounds lovely! So tell me about you and Danielle. Yes, I know your little girlfriend. Twitter is a very informative place when I want to know something about you guys!" I give him a wink, and he starts to tell me about his girlfriend. But all I can think of is the disappointment in the pit of my stomach. I wasn't lying when I said she sounded lovely, because she does. Something I can't compete with.. Not that I want to compete with her! I only want to be friends with Zayn. Strictly friends.

Liam's interrupted by Niall, as the Irish man comes onto the balcony, literally jumping up and down with cake in his hands, "Guys! Guys, c'mon! There's so much dessert, I couldn't decide what to eat! So me and Jesse plan on eating it all, YAY!" he says, stuffing half the cake in his mouth, running back inside.

Liam sighs, and starts for the door, "Looks like we're both going to be babysitting tonight. Care to do it together?" he asks, as he puts his arm out. I take it and we walk arm in arm into what seems to be a very confusing game of tag.

"Niall! Just put the cake down and let me wipe the chocolate off your face! It's not that hard!" I hear Zayn scream, as he chases Niall pass me. I see Louis chasing Jesse with what looks like a lighted cupcake.. how he got the candle I don't know. Harry's just sitting in the middle of the room, staring after Jesse with a mischevious grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. Oh jeez, he cannot be thinking what I think he's thinking.

"Guys! Guys, c'mon! Settle down, we can't get kicked out! That'll be the third time in just two states!" Liam tries to calm them down, but finally looks to me for help. I laugh, and lift my hand up to my lips, letting out an echoing whistle. Everyone stops what they're doing, and I hear Harry giggle a little.

"You better have saved some cake for me, or I am going to beat all of you with a pan," I say as I make my way to the dessert table, which lies in a mess. I pick up the last piece of chocolate cake, and inhale it's aroma. 

"Enjoying sniffing that cake?" I hear Zayn behind me, and he bursts out laughing. I blush, and take some of the icing and wipe it on his face. "Hey! Not the face!" 

I chuckle. It's silent for a few seconds before I finally ask, "So.. girlfriend huh?" 

His eyes widen as he blushes, and looks down at his feet, "Uh, yeah. How'd you know?"

"Liam," I smirk, and smack his arms playfully, "So when the heck do I get to meet her?"

He smiles back at me, and the awkward tense air seems to disappear, but the jealousy still seems to stick in my stomach. Not good Mona, so not good.

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