Chapter Three: Asher the Mystery Guy

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So before I start, I'm not exactly liking the plot right now. It definitely isn't the best I can do. I've been a bit distracted right now, what with school starting and I'm having a "Jonas problem" right now. (If you know what I mean). But, anyway, here goes...

"You really aren't the friendly type are you?"

"" I asked confused. Where'd he get that idea from? I don't even know the guy's name and he's calling me out.

"You heard me. You don't come across as very friendly." I looked at him, trying to hide the anger building up. He's acting like he knows me so well. "And don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about."

"Well, hello to you too." I said, my voice dripping in sarcasm. I had finally found my voice again.

He stared at me, those eyes burning into me. "Ha, you seem like my kind of girl." He proclaimed after a few seconds had passed. And with that he turned on his heels to walk away. 

I was left hanging, staring into space, I've been doing that a   lot lately. Just as he approached the door I called out to him "Wait!" I semi-jogged over to where he was stopped. "What's your name?"

"Asher. Nice to meet you, Avery." 

"Thanks, uh--wait how'd you know my name?" I asked truly confused.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out. I see we have Chemistry." He really did walk away this time. He left me utterly flabbergasted at that one. Does he like me? 

I headed to my next class, Chemistry. 

It finally dawned on me that he didn't mean that kind of Chemistry when we were assigned lab partners.  

I frowned in discontent. I barely knew the kid and he already irked me. What really got me though is the fact that he completely ignored me whenever I tried to ask him a question. Is this kid bi-polar or something? He was all bold and somewhat friendly less than an hour ago.

I went to get up a little after the bell rang and he flashed me a smile. It was my turn to ignore him. I stepped out of his way and headed towards the door. On my way to my next class I noticed him trailing me, not that he wasn't trying to be obvious, he made it very well known.

He sat down right behind me. I could feel is gaze boreing into the back of my head. I could tell he was watching me intently during the whole class. I just wanted to know why. 


Sadie lay there upside down hanging off the edge of my bed her very blonde head stuck in a magazine.

"I just don't understand, one minute he's charming and talkative the next he's just sitting there, staring at me."

" I think he likes you!" She let out a shrill squeal.

"I don't think I like him though, he reminds me too much of Jonas." Jonas was the same way with me when I'd just met him. The staring and spaciness aside. He had quickly gained my trust and went on to ruin that multiple times. But, like the fool I am I kept taking him back.

"Oh please. He is nothing like Jonas."

"Have you even spoken to him?"

"Well, no. Apparently you're the only person he spoke to all day, except for the teachers."

"Don't I feel special." Sarcasm very present in my voice.

"You should! Look try holding a conversation with him tomorrow. Or invite him to our table at lunch."

Ignoring her suggestion I moved on, "He knew my name and I never even told him what it was."

This caught her attention, I went on to explain the brief interaction we had after Algebra. He had known my name without asking and he said we had chemistry, that had to mean something. And if he didn't speak to anyone but me all day how did he know my name? I don't remember any of the teachers mentioning me, except for Mrs. Matthews, but she addressed me by my last name. I kept on thinking of any possible ways he could know who I was.

"Anne. Annie. Avery. Avie. Ave. Avenue. AVERY ANNE WILDE!!" A pillow made contact with my face and I finally caught up with reality.

"What was that for?" 

"He probably saw your name on the roster or something. You said Mrs. Matthews called you by your last name. You're the only one in school with the last name Wilde so he most likely saw it on the roster." She assured me and added in, "Now, chill, it's not a big deal besides, I would be happy if that muffin knew my name." She said referring to our term for hot guys.

"Right, of course he had to have looked me up on the roster," I said more to myself than Sade. As I assured myself, another thought crossed my mind. How did he know we had Chemistry together before we got there? I kept that thought to myself although.

"Hey, we should go for a swim at my house!" I considered the idea and nodded in approval. I headed to my dresser and pulled out my favorite white bikini my uncle brought me from Hawaii, it had golden embellishments in between the cups and where the strings were.

"Let me get changed I'll meet you there in twenty." Her house was less than a five minute walk away.

"Kay, see ya soon!" And she hopped off my bed, bolted down the stairs and out the door.

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