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1. Call him blind.

2. Call him a girl.

3. Claim he uses the byakugan for OTHER reasons

4. Cut his hair and make voo doo dolls, then sell them to fangirls on eBay.

5. Remind him that he's a branch family.

6. Kick him in the balls and tell him he should have seen it coming. ( With byakugan the user can see the opponent, because of their charka.)

7. Ask him if he could see why kids loved cinnamon toast crunch every other minute.

8. Tell him he's destined to be a fortune teller every minute you aren't doing #7.

9. When he's using 164 Palms, constantly say random numbers and try to make him lose count.

10. Knock him out and make him look girly.Options include dresses, make-up, ect.

11. When he's using byakugan, tell him that he has wrinkles.

12. Point to Neji and ask why there is a blind girl in your room.

13. Sing (Be sure to be WAY off key) 'Neji and Tenten sitting in a tree' while next to Neji.

14. Lock Neji and Lee in a closet for 3 hours.

15. When Neji is asleep, draw on his face with markers.

16. Tell EVERY girl that Neji spies on them with Byakugan, and just for the fun of it tell that to Sasuke and laugh at his reaction.

17. Force Neji to wear Spandex.

18. Tell a friend, while your with Neji, 5,000 reasons why the Main Branch is WAY better. (It does not have to be 5,000 reasons, just a lot.)

19. Tell Neji that since Sasuke is stronger than Naruto, and that since Naruto defeated him, that he is WEAKER than Sasuke.

20. Rant about how the Uchiha Clan is WAY better than Hyuga Clan while standing next to Neji.

21. Ask Neji repeatedly why his hair is SO long.

22. Tell him TenTen is pregnant with his child.

23. Tell him LEE is pregnant with his child.

24. When he gets angry say “Oh, looks like somebody’s PMSing!”

25. Tell TenTen of his undying love for her.

26. Tell GUY of his  undying love!

27. Follow him around all day.

28. Tell him his haircut is a hippie cut.

29. Have Guy explaine to Neji how babies are made.

30. For his birthday, buy him a Victoria Secret gift card.

31. Loudly ask him if you can borrow a tampon.

32. Yell loudly and randomly “Neji, stop raping me!” (Make sure TenTen is in ear-range, but not eye-range to see the both of you!)

33. Put posters of Lee all over his room.

34. Replace his hair ties with pink ribbons.


Me: I enjoyed typing EVER word!

Neji: You'r annoying.

Me: That's the point!

Neji: ..............

Me: ....................

Neji: .......................

Me: .................................

Neji: ........................................

Me: Akward silence!!!!

Neji: *Face-palm.*

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