Chapter 4

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Korra expected along ride in which she could gaze out the satomobile's windows dreamily as if she was in a fairytale. Korra did not expect a 5 minute ride around to the other side of the palace.

  "You could have told me they were housing it within the palace walls." Korra sighed exasperatedly.

  "What? And ruin the surprise. Now let's go. Everyone must be waiting for you."

 Together, Korra's hand in her uncle's they moved up the stairs to the entrance where they stepped in. No one had been outside and no one was within which led Korra to believe that everyone was inside the ballroom waiting for her.

 The man manning the doorway took a glance at the two and bowed. He leaned inside and whispered to to someone and an announcement came.

  "And now, our guest of honour, Avatar Korra escorted by Chief Unaloq."

 The door opened and they entered into the ballroom atop a staircase. Everyone below applauded her arrival and Korra blushed, somewhat embarrassed.


 "I'm trying but this is just so much to take in."

"I thought you'd be used to crowds adoring you."

 "I am but this is different. I guess I just don't feel like myself in these clothes."

 "It's fine, you'll get the hang of it eventually."

 "I hope."

 Together they walked down the staircase hand in hand and the celebrations began.

 Korra didn't understand much of what was going on. She stayed near to her uncle and listened to his conversations with old and powerful looking officials. It was boring but better than the being the alternative of wandering around all alone.

 Korra took the time to think about her nightmare. The man in the mask. Why was he so frightening to her? Perhaps she'd talk with her spiritual teachers whenever she met them.

 Just then Korra's uncle turned to her. "I have some business to discuss, if you don't mind." Korra nodded thoughtlessley and her Uncle bounded off into a crowd of people.

 Korra froze. She was all alone now. She didn't know what to do. Just then her stomach growled. Perhaps she'd go find where they were hiding the food. Korra began to make her way to an archway that led into a different room that people seemed to be moving in and out of. She only hoped no one wanted to speak to her too much.

 Korra was continuing on her way when out of no where popped a familiar voice.

 "Hello Korra. I see you made it in time." Korra whirled around.

 "Asami! You... You didn't tell me you designed my dress and everything. Did my uncle even send you to my room?"

 Asami bit her lip. "Well about that... there was no time to explain really. I was going to tell you but it seems you know already. So do you want to talk a bit?"

 "Yeah. Why are you here?" Korra was suspiscious of the girl now.

 Asami could tell and she laughed. "I'm here with my father, Hiroshi Sato."

 "What? Your father is the owner of the Satomobiles?"

 "Yup. We originally come from republic city but we recognized an opportunity to reintroduce this place to modern technology and we took it. I mean, who's more modern than us?"

"I guess you're right."

"Yeah so where were you off to all alone?"

"I was just going to find some food."

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