Back To Home, Back To Heartbreak

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  • Dedicated to My Own Personal Jack </3

Avalon's POV

      I sigh as I get out of my mom's car. "It's great to have you back Addy!!" She tells me. I look at her and smile slightly. 

        "It's great to be back, Mom." I tell her. "But can you please call me Avalon?" I ask politely as we walk in, dreading my childhood nickname. She frowned slightly but agreed. I dragged my bags up the familiar staircase. I look at my door, which has a little blue nametag that said Addy. I sigh and open the door. Memories hit me as I walked through the doorway. One after another, the heart break hit me hard as well. I pushed my thoughts, as well as my feelings, to the back of my mind. I was not the same little girl I used to be,  I could deal with this. As I unpacked, I remebered; I remebered why I had left in the first place. 


I smiled to myself as I walked down the street to my mates house. It was his birthday and I was going to suprise him with tickets to his favorite band, Coldplay. When I had gotten to Jack's house I noticed his door was left opened. I walked inside, instantly worried. I called his name as I slowly walked up the staircase. I heard some unusual sounds coming from his bedroom door. I felt my stomach drop, something was going on and it wasn't going to end well. I slowly pushed his already cracked open door and the worst thing that couldv'e happened happened. He was cheating on me, with Ashley. My wolf howled in pain as we watched their lips lock. I let out a quiet sob, as the pain in my chest increased. I felt the pieces of the girl I used to be flutter to the floor. Jack looked up at me, his caramel eyes clouded with guilt. Ashley looked at me and smirked, as if to say 'I won, I got him' I felt the warm tears go down my face as I looked at my mate. One word escaped my lips. "Why?" Ashley answered for him, flicking her platinum blonde hair behind her shoulder. "Because you are an ugly, fat pathetic excuse for a she-wolf and he doesn't want you as a Luna." More tears escaped as I looked at my soulmate, who just sat there doing nothing. I turned around and ran out of his room, his house and back to my own home.

*End Flashback*

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